No Bread, Nice Skin

It has been a week without eating any bread (not even a croissant!) and I have survived. And not only have I survived, but also a magical thing happened in the last 3 days of my “No Bread Week” challenge.

The thing is that ever since I moved to Frankfurt 8 months ago, I had been afflicted with bad pimples. I didn’t know where they came from, but they appeared since I moved here in Frankfurt. But since the last 3 days of my “No Bread Week” challenge, the pimples keep disappearing and now my skin looks and feels almost as good as ever.


And I have always known that my face skin was the reflection of my stomach function. Whenever a disfunction occurs in my stomach, my face skin reflects it. And there was no exception this time also.

What I am trying to say is that last year around this time I found out that I had lactose and fructose intolerance. So when I developed increasing stomach gas problem, followed by bad pimples, I had thought that my lactose and fructose intolerance must have gotten worse.

But it turns out they are are innocent! And it seems that bread had been slowing down my stomach function and breaking things down. How so? Watch below video of Terry for the explanation. moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down

So because I am very satisfied with my one weekNo Bread” challenge, I am going to extend the term by another one month and see what other magic things will happen.

bye-for-now-glitter-for-orkut-scrapWill keep you posted and stay beautiful in the meantime!

Feel good! 


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