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Life is like a Symphony

Is like a symphony.
Everyone has a different part to play,
But when we all play together,
We make a beautiful melody.

Sometimes we play notes that are wrong,
And get in trouble,
And sometimes we have to start over again,
But that’s just how it is;
That’s just how it works.

We practice to get better.
And when we play,
We set our emotions free,
Showing them to all who care to look.

Sometimes, you just know,
That everything’s alright.
Because everyone’s playing their hearts out,
And the music sounds like it’s pouring out of heaven.

The few precious times that this happens,
The music sounds so lovely,
That just for a couple moments,
Everyone stops worrying,
And the whole world seems at peace.

But when we are mad,
The music gets dark and loud,

And sometimes it gets so loud,
That it doesn’t sound good-
We clash together,
And we have to stop,
And p a u s e,
To cover our ears,
And shut our eyes,
From all the horrors of the noise,
From all the horrors,
Of life.

But always, in The End,
We get over it,
And the music gets softer,
And quieter;
Because we know,
Everything is okay,
Everything is gonna work out.

Sometimes we have to keep on repeating,
Until we get it right.

But always,
We have to watch the conductor,
And listen to him,
Otherwise, We’ll get lost,
And all be at different tempos,
Some of us speeding along,
Some of us taking our time, Enjoying it,
Savoring every moment.

Sometimes, when it gets tough,
We want to give up,
And put down our instrument.

But if we do,
The rest of the symphony will get lost,
Because everyone depends on one another,
To know what to do,
To know right from wrong.

Is like a symphony,
Everyone has a different part to play,
But when we all play together,
We can get through anything

Enjoy Life! 


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