Can I be Your Muse?

Since I discovered Jason Silva yesterday morning, my brain is totally eating, breathing and sleeping with Jason Silva. d42a0027And from what I have ended up doing yesterday morning and this morning, it looks like my morning routine may incorporate watching his short videos before rising up from bed.

He calls his short videos “Shots of philosophical espresso” and that’s been true in my case. When I watch his videos, parts of my brain, which I didn’t know where sleeping, keep waking up… 

Infatuated with his videos, I went as far as watching below long interview of his and in that video, I have just found a hidden treasure. And the hidden treasure is the subject of a MUSE. Go to the 52nd minute of below interview to listen to what he has to say about that. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

In essence, he says that one of his life goals/pursuits is to find a MUSE, who would be the constant source of ideas, inspirations and awes for him, and I totally fell for and crushed on that pursuit.

Then I thought “If a human being can be a MUSE and a constant source of ideas, inspirations and awes for another human being for a lifetime, can I be one too?

And I think, if I can be a MUSE at all, I think I shouldn’t limit myself to only one person, but to everybody who comes in contact with me whether online or offline.

So my question to myself is “Can I be your Muse?” Muse for creativity, muse for effectiveness, muse for big thinking, muse for creating a beautiful life, muse for self-expression, muse for putting oneself out there, muse for daring to do things BEYOND IMAGINATION…

Oops, now I am thinking and talking like Jason Silva… 


Feel good! 



  1. This is what happens after watching Jason Silva, his enthusiasm just spreads to you. Like contagious. You start thinking of things- very deeply, you start explaining every thought your mind comes up with.
    Btw, lovely post 🙂
    I was looking around for some inspirations for my newborn blog 😉

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