3-Month Journey: Toastmasters

The next in my 3-month journey series is my journey with Toastmasters. Its has been well over 3 months since I joined the Business Club Frankfurt Toastmasters, so now it’s time to look back and assess how far I have come along and where I want to go from here.

I googled and found my club after I read below paragraph in Frank Bettger‘s best-selling book “How I Raised Myself from Failure“.


Luckily, the club was almost just around the corner from my home and that was one of the reasons that I haven’t missed a single meeting so far. The first person I met from the club was the President Mr.Sunshine. He actually helped me open the entrance door when I was standing at the building entrance, not knowing that I was supposed to pull the door, not push it. He had a big smile on his face and steaming energy around his being. I liked him instantly, especially because he 80% resembled somebody dear to my heart.

Then we entered the meeting room and there I met other great people bursting with energy and enthusiasm, and I got hooked. Before joining my club, it had never occurred to me that public speaking was something that could be systematically trained and developed. And that is to say that the best thing I like about Toastmasters is the system, the great system that captures almost every conceivable detail around public speaking.

And those details are captured in manuals, series of manuals. I don’t know how many manuals exist in total; it seems numerous. If you want to see what those manuals look like, press here.

And the instructions in those manuals are written in such a way that they bring out the best in people. Now, on this limited space, it is hard for me to demonstrate what I mean by that. The best is for you to visit one of the 15,400 clubs in 135 countries. To find a club, click here.

Going back to the discussion of my club, there are some very bright speakers. The brightest speaker, to me personally, is my Idol Martin. Before he was not only my Public Speaking Idol, but also my Male Fashion Icon. And lately, he is becoming my Leadership Idol too. If you look at Toastmasters‘ mission, it aims to develop not only public speaking skills, but also leadership skills. And on the latter, Martin stands out to me with his Leadership through Example. See below. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif He is not afraid to expose himself out there on our YouTube channel for us to learn from him.


So thanks Martin! You’re my Triple Idol

And just as it said on the header photo, “Every Toastmaster’s journey starts with a single speech”, my real journey started last week with my 1st speech, the ice-breaker speech. And having made my 1st speech, I wish to try to step up my game each time I deliver a prepared speech. 

By the way, do you want to know the biggest reason why I am attracted and addicted to Toastmasters

I think you do, so I will tell it. The biggest reason why I am so fascinated with Toastmasters is not the public speaking aspect, it’s not the leadership aspect; but the 3rd dimension that is revealed in below paragraph from the same book that brought me to Toastmasters.


So to me, the 3rd dimension is the FEAR aspect. Talking about it, I am not zooming it in because I need to learn to defeat it, but quite the opposite. If being born FEARLESS is a genetic defect, I was born with one. My stories of being FEARLESS goes all the way back to my babyhood and you can read about it by clicking here.

In essence, I am interested in the FEAR aspect because I see that is what limits many people. So I want to sit there and study how people deal with and overcome FEAR. And if you want to know what I think about FEAR in general, you can click here and access my picture story.

And besides being attracted to Toastmasters as a platform to study FEAR, I am also curious to know if it can be a platform to develop CREATIVITY. And when I say CREATIVITY, I mean in the following definition described by Jasonfinger-pointing-down-animation-gif

And the reason I want to explore CREATIVITY is that I want to be happy. And by happy, I mean in the following sense. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

8972597And what makes me the happiest is beauty. And here is Jason‘s definition of beauty, to which I take my hat off and bow down.

And in creating beauty, I wish to use technology because that’s what helps us expand our possiblities. Watch below Jason‘s explanation on that also. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

And why should we bother to do that? Here is why. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

And in going through such a journey, it will be great if I have a Leader to look up to. And by the type of Leader, I meant the one explained below. pointing-finger-down-animated-1

So that’s what I wish for my future journey with Toastmasters, and let’s see how it plays out!

Feel good! 


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