No Bread Week

This is to let the world know that I am getting on a “No Bread Week” challenge. What happened is that this Monday, when I went for my grocery shopping, I forgot to buy bread. And while I have been meaning to go out and buy one, 2 more days have passed.

Then today an interesting idea occurred to me and that is “What if I stop eating bread altogether?” With a little exaggeration, I think there hasn’t been a day in my life when I didn’t eat bread. So why not give it a try once?… I know that it is possible because I do know some people, who don’t eat bread and they survive…

Then I YouTubed to see if there is anybody, who has a word to say about it and I found Terry, who encourages the idea in below video. So I am going to try not eating bread for a week and see if that’s something I can live with for the rest of my life.

Feel good! 


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