3-Month Journey: InterNations Ambassador

It has been 3 months since I became the InterNations Newcomers Ambassador, so now is the time to take stock of my 3-month journey, see how far I have come along and decide where to go from here.

The first event I organized together with the other Ambassador was the March Frankfurt Newcomers Event. On this event, my learning curve was steep, very steep. The biggest challenge I had during the event was when I needed to make a short speech. The speech was a challenge because somehow my voice came out of the microphone slow and strange (as if I was under a drug influence). I had never used such a microphone, but being a singer Barry knew what was up. He said it’s the type of microphone that created Cher-like singing effect.

So here is me wrestling with the challenge. moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down


Then came the April Frankfurt Newcomers event and that was another challenge because of the venue. The biggest issue was that the guest reception desk was out near the stairway. It was out of sight and far from where our guests were gathered, so it made it difficult to mingle among our guests.

So my connecting and networking efforts were limited to only those who chose to hang around me at the entrance. Many people came to ask what InterNations was about and one of such people was Martin (a member of US Democrats chapter and his chapter happened to have their monthly event upstairs). Later Martin invited me to his singing club and now we’re singing club friends. And below is our photo from that night at Australian bar.


Then we organized the May Frankfurt Newcomers event and it was the coolest. It was the coolest because of the cool venueO’Reilly’s. Inside O’Reilly’s, we had a round-shaped separate room, so it was very easy for guests to mix and mingle. See below a video recording from that evening. pointing-finger-down-animated-1

But the venue came with its challenge again and that was the entrance. In fact, there were 2 outside entrances… And added to the entrance challenge, that night I had a very special guest in town and I had to bring him along to the event. And I wasn’t good at juggling the two, so when I paid attention to one, I displeased the other…

In any case, after that event I was so pissed off by my status as an Ambassador. If I had taken on the role thinking that it was a leadership role, what the real circumstances demanded of me was that of a reception girl. So I was pissed off a BIG TIME, especially when at another community, a man said, “What you call an Ambassador at InterNations is only somebody who gives out name tags.” And that added fuel to the fire…

So after having contemplated the idea of walking away from this reception girl role, I thought “Maybe it’s only a handful of people, who communicated the Ambassador role to the community as that of somebody who only gives out nametags… Maybe the role isn’t meant to be that way in the first place….”

Then I decided to change things and sent below message to my other Ambassador.


So that was my 3-month journey as far as personal challenges were concerned. But I am staying on board because the personal satisfactions I get from being an expats’ Ambassador far outweigh the personal challenges. See below a few snapshots from my InterNations inbox:






And this one is from a member, who kindly took my photos and sent them to me after the Photography group activity. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Did you notice that he has asked for my Sweet Blog URL? 🙂 It just shows that I can’t stop talking about the things I love and that includes InterNations too… 

So all in all, I am happy to be the InterNations Newcomers Ambassador and in the coming months, I am going to put out a few new things on the table.

So wait and see! 

Feel good! 


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