Club YouTube Channel Up & Running

I am very happy to announce the first of the many great developments that the new Leadership Team is planning to bring to our club and that is an official YouTube channel (click here to visit and subscribe). The idea was proposed by me and accepted by several of the new Leadership Team members. Hence, the next day I rolled up my sleeves, went to work and today, after 4 days, the channel looks quite rich in content. So I thank myself and those who supported me on the idea! 


The next in line, in terms of developments, is the channel’s Welcome Video and tomorrow Oliver and I are having a Skype call to discuss the video production as well as the campaign idea that we have for new member recruitment.

Speaking about new member recruitment, my voice started reaching out to people, and for that, many thanks go to my Sweet Blog, which lets me communicate complex information in a condensed format.

And the first person to respond to my voice and show up at our Gallus meeting facility has been Martin. Because I made a mistake in the dates first and then later corrected it in below correspondence, today on the 6th of June, he has showed up at our Gallus building and called me to say that he had arrived.


My bad Martin, many apologies! I trust that you will come back again next Wednesday.

And there is another development that I would like to bring to the club, and that is a blog corner on the club website. If that one is up and running, it will be very easy for me to direct potential newcomers. Otherwise, currently they are running between the club website and my personal blog, and that’s not very convenient! 

And talking about me and my Sweet Blog, there is something that you need to know as a new friend, and that is, we are UNSTOPPABLE! And also, we are FAST, very FAST because we are living in the digital age! 

Digital age esmeralda

Feel good! 


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