The New Leaders on Board

Yesterday our new leadership team was selected for the next 12-month period and I am glad to see that many of the new leaders are actually new members to the club. Within the leadership team, there are 8 official club officers and 1 unofficial club officer. So let me introduce them to you next.

giphyThe best-posing man standing on the far right handside of above photo is our current club President Mr.Sunshine (I call him so. Otherwise, his real name is different.) At the end of June, he will be stepping down together with the other current leadership team members. But Mr.Sunshine will continue on the new leadership team as the Immediate Past President and will keep on leading the club.

Next to him is Radu. Radu is one of the most dedicated members in the club and that quality is exactly what is required by the person, who holds the positionanimated-surfing-image-0009 of Sergeant at Arms, to which he confidently stepped up. So I am so happy to have him on board!

Then the man next to Radu is Craig. Craig is the Treasurer and 5pssw4y8he will control the treasure chest of the club. As a member, he is quite new to the club. However, even from day one, he proved his dedication by signing up on the spot. So we are certain that, in his hand, our treasure chest will stay safe & sound.

Then next to Craig is Andy. Andy is an experienced toastmaster and he is joining us as the Vice President Education. In his adam_fisherman_big_one_md_clrprevious club, he has held the same position. So he is the right person to lead us by the hand and help us learn to fish more effectively.

Then the person right in the middle is me and I am the Vice President Membership. In this position, my role is tolittle-mermaid-glitter3-24926 target potential members, attract their attention by any means possible and bring them to our club. Once they’re in our club, there will be no going back for them because our club is just so addictingly cool!

animated-magician-image-0020And the man on my right is David, the new President of the club. His role is to mastermind the whole plans and programs of the club and in case of roadblocks or threats, he will rescue us with his magic stick.

Then the tallest man is Oliver, the new Vice President Public Relations. His responsibility is to go out andcolumb02 get the word spreading about our great club. And again he is the perfect candidate for the position as he is so eloquent and we need eloquency in our PR.

Next to Oliver is Ben. In a previous term, Ben has been the President of the club; in the current leadership team, he is the Vice President Education and in the new leadership team, he white_man_teacher_rea_a_hawill be the Secretary. So it’s great to have him with us as he possesses wealth of experience and knowledge to pass unto the team.

Then the closest person on the picture is Andreicomputer_wizard and he is the Webmaster. For instance, if you click here, you will access the website of our club; and if you submit a message on the website, Andrei will be sitting at the other end to receive it.

And one unofficial club officer, who didn’t make it on the above picture is Leonardo. His position is the Party Officer. He is unofficial because he was elected after the Annual General Meeting. I proposed the position and he seconded it. So together we elected him. And Leonardo is the man who is doing the catwalk in below picture. 2


Finally, I wrote this post for my targeted potential new members. So if you receive this post from me, consider yourself a target. 🙂 And if you are a man and thinking that it is a highly competitive and boring club with one woman only, that’s a prejudgment! You need to come over and check out the beautiful ladies, who are hiding behind my camera. Once you’re here, they will check you out!


And for the ladies, I should say that it is a pretty flattering club with many nice gallant gentlemen, who treat us ladies well! 

Feel good! 



  1. Such a GREAT TEAM you got there! Seems like everyone got the right position. I’m pretty sure you guys are going to make lots of wonderful things in the coming year. Good luck all! 😉

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