Life beyond My Wildest Dreams: Born to be a Businesswoman

In this life, I was born to be a Businesswoman.Businesswoman is all I wanted to become since 5th grade and that’s who I became. And when I became a Businesswoman, I didn’t become just an ordinary Businesswoman, but I became one with a spirit of an Explorer, who is on a lifelong voyage around the world.  

Ship in a harbour is safe, but that's not what ships are built for

Like anybody else, I don’t have a crystal ball that shows me my future. But what I heard from a classmate a decade later made me wonder if I had a cystal ball in highschool.

She said that in highschool I used to say often, “I will become a Businesswoman, and when I start, I will start as the Mentee of a successful Businessman and I will learn the trade from him.” And that’s exactly what happened in my start.

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In my first career-making job, I started out as the President Assistant in one of the top local group companies called Chono Group. And my beginning role was to get the job done in any function or any subsidiary company, where the President chose to channel me to.

The President sent me on many Missions. And after many Missions, both the President and I grew to know my likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and at some point, we decided that my focus will be on investments.

From then on, I started walking alongside investment bankers, fund managers and other financial professionals and began specializing in making investment analysis, raising capital and making deals.

And when it felt like I could do no wrong by upgrading my financial skills, I did Master of Finance in Hong Kong, and following graduation, I got back to the same boss. And when I got back, he narrowed my focus only to real estate and that’s how the real game of business started for me.

In terms of title, I became the Managing Director of his property development company and I run the show. My first project was a 98-unit residential building, which I promoted as the residence for young professionals, especially for those who had studied abroad. Why those who had studied abroad? Well, it’s a long story, but suffice to say that it would have been fun to live with other Explorers & Voyagers under the same roof.


And after working with the same boss for 6 years, my boss expressed his unwillingness to continue mentoring me anymore. So feeling alone and lonely on top, I thought “If he isn’t going to be there for me anymore, I might as well do it by myself for myself.” And I established my own company and ventured out on my own. And through my company called Olon Zogiin Uur, I did exactly the same business–real estate investment and development, but on a smaller scale of course.

Having always wanted to run my own business one day, I expected myself to feel arrived & happy.

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Arrived, I did feel. But happy? I was far from it! After searching my soul for months and months, I finally concluded that having arrived was making me unhappy. So I decided to do the obvious, which was to go on a voyage to far lands again.

First, I sailed to Beijing and hoped that being next to Linda, there I will feel both arrived & happy. But I felt neither of them. So I decided to sail further. And just when I was trying to decide on a destination among English-speaking countries, Omens showed me that Turkey would be the next destination.

So I sailed to Turkey and there I created an opportunity for myself to keep on going on frequent voyages to different countries while still keeping a home base in Istanbul. The position I created for myself was “International Business Development Manager” and it was with a premium fashion brand called “Silk&Cashmere“.

The missions I was sent on with the brand was to develop the retail business of the brand along the silk road between China and the UK. And I sailed a lot and explored a lot. And when I gained more world experience, I wanted to change my home base from Turkey to Germany, and I did that.

And after having sailed so intensely, I started missing things that domestic people do, such as sleeping in my bed every night. So after moving my home base to Berlin, I managed to slow down on the sailing and enjoyed sleeping in my bed a lot.



After leaving in Berlin for a year, another call came for a home base move. This time to Frankfurt. So I moved to Frankfurt and planned to come off the ship for good and settle down on land.

In Frankfurt, I started building a lifestyle of a domestic person and signed up for fitness studio and dance school, and became a member of Toastmasters and an Ambassador of InterNations. And all was well and I was conviced that I had finally settled down on land.

But these days I hear a faint voice calling again, and it says “You’ve gotten on the international platform as a Businesswoman. Now you need to become a Winner and prove yourself to yourself!”

Having thought that I had settled down on land, I didn’t expect that call coming. But I’m afraid that the voice will get louder and louder unless I respond to it by the right action.

On the other hand, I finally really really GOT that life is about the journey, not the destination. And when I GOT that, I finally understood that there is no specific place or career status where I feel arrived & happy. But I feel arrived & happy when I truly understand that life is about the journey, not the destination.

Also when I GOT that there is no specific place to feel arrived & happy, I understood that the world is my home and the countries are the rooms inside my home. So it doesn’t matter in which room I sleep in.

So I am going to do two thing. First, I am going to sail on frequent voyages again because they bring rich life experiences. Second, I am going to prove myself to myself. And by my criteria, that means becoming a high networth Businesswoman and owning thriving international businesses. So that is my next worthy goal and I achieve all of my worthy goals!


Feel good! 



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