Wanna Speak Like Jim Carrey

Earlier I promoted Jim Carrey‘s below speech as the best video to watch before going to sleep. And in case you didn’t figure it out, that was my version of nominating him for the Golden Globe and awarded him with one. And today, I would like to nominate him for the 2nd Golden Globe for the “Entertaining & Inspiring Speech” category. pointing-finger-down-animated-1

When you watched this speech of his, maybe you didn’t notice it; but here is the beauty I see in his speech:

Foremost of all, he smiles throughout the whole speech and that means he feels really good about standing there and speaking to the audience. So his smiles and positive energy naturally draw the audience towards him.

Then he makes the audience laugh with every single sentence and offers them long enough pauses to digest the information and pleasure that is coming from his direction. And when he is funny, he is funny with the obvious and the simple, and because of that, everyone in the audience easily relates to him and stays engaged to his speech.

And last, but not least, his underlying message is inspiring and I trust that the audience got the lesson he wanted to teach with this short, but sharp speech of his. And I think that lesson is the importance of dreaming big and visualizing its actualization over and over again when in a relaxed state.

And having watched that brilliant speech, now let’s come to my speech. moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down

Well, it’s my 3rd impromptu speech since I joined my Toastmasters club and I see that the last two impromptu speeches that I have given feel very similar in energy. What was different about the 1st impromptu speech is that I sounded enthusiastic and smiled a lot throughout the whole speech (I think) because I talked about our Sweet Blog, which I love so much.

But after the 2nd speech, I got the feedback that I needed to bring more life to my speech and I thought that Mirja was so spot on that. When you give an improptu speech, things happen so fast that you don’t have time to plan and calculate anything. So in each improptu speech, I sound like how I feel about that topic at that point in life, I think.

In this speech that you may have just listened to, I talk about becoming a dancer if I were a type of sport. Normally, talking about dance excites me a lot like receiving a gift. But this time I couldn’t sound excited because I was feeling a little resistant to the subject due to my ongoing friction with my dance instructor.

The friction started when our personal rules stepped over one another. And when we sat down to iron out our differences, we decided that we’ll give the relationship one more chance. Since then, my motivation for my dance class fell sharply, bringing down my motivation for other dance styles I was so into.

But now I am working on cleaning up the negative energy and thoughts around the issue, and last night at the end of the dance session, I felt that my feeling towards him and his class started picking up again. So I look forward to the next dance class.

And coming to my challenges in the dance class, I have realized that I find memorizing the choreography steps difficult mainly because the movements are so ABSTRACT. If I can attach meanings or definite shapes or objects to the movements, I know I can memorize them fast. But I haven’t figured out how yet, so I keep struggling a bit…

And also I have realized that you have to be really in-the-moment and tuned into the instructor every single second to be able to keep up with the choreography. And you know what? That is really really hard. Meditation 2It’s like trying to meditate. Your thoughts keep wandering and your mind follows the wandering thoughts everywhere, and before you know it, you have missed the steps…

But I am practicing meditation every night for 15mins, so I hope that will discipline my mind and help me stay tuned-in!

Feel good! 


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