Happiness Kisses for the Sweetie

Dear Sweet Blog,

I don’t know if you knew it. Today, while searching for nice panorama pictures to embellish your header, I fell in love with above photo and wanted to embellish your header. But the way it needed to be cut didn’t allow the beauty of the picture to come out, so I sadly gave up.

Then tonight just as I left for my dance class, a fierce storm started and I loved its strong wind, which came with a pouring rain. And somehow, I knew that when I step out of my 1.5 hour dance class, the storm would have cleared and the street would look like this picture that I had gazed for a long time this afternoon.

And I was right. When I stepped out of my dance class, my face was kissed all over by the soft air. The air seemd to have softened because it had romanced with the fierce storm, which always brings out the feminine beauty in the air.

So I enjoyed the soft kisses of the soft air. It felt like the soft kisses and embraces I had received earlier in the week. I couldn’t let the familiar kisses go… So I decided to walk all the way home, feeling the tender kisses of the soft air… 

And when I got home, I still wanted more of the tender kisses. So I have opened my windows wide open and writing this post as the sweet kisses enter through my window… 

So nice to receive happiness kissess… 


Feel good! 


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