My Mom is My Hero

Yesterday my mom has defeated the Dragon!

Wonder mom

She texted me an hour ago. Hence having had a few minutes to digest the news, I am starting this story now…

…An hour of digesting gave me the ability to function and get this story started. But I am still overwhelmed by the news and don’t know where to start…

Well, the story with the Dragon started back in my highschool years, when a friend of mine introduced me to a nice girl, who looked up to us to help with her studies. The girl was a nice girl. The three of us hang out together a few times. But the friendship came to an end when I left abroad for university.

Then over a decade later, one day she walked into my office to give key to her mother, with whom I was having a business meeting. Her walking into my office was a pleasant suprise and from then on, her mother and I started seeing each other with different eyes--ones with loving appreciation. She respected my good reputation, which went all the way back to my school years, and I appreciated the mother, who had given birth to such a nice girl.

And maybe because of that appreciation, I went extra mile to get her out of the old contract that she had made with the people, who preceeded me in the business, and managed to convince my boss to give her good terms in the new contract that she wanted to have with us. I mediated the whole negotiation, she was satisfied by the new terms she got and then she expressed her interest to do business with me.

And when I left my boss’ group companies and decided to venture out on my own, the first thing I did was to develop a project on her run-down property, which had a great upside potential due to its central location. She and her husband liked the project, we signed the contract, and after raising enough capital to invest in the project, I started pouring cash on her property.


And all went well until I completed the renovation/new-lease project and large sums of money started pouring in as rent. First, they tried to get part of the space back, then the whole building. But by then I had already spent a lot of money to make the property a real cash cow! And of course, I didn’t want to lose my cash cow and the investments, and that’s how our horns got locked and long-lasting legal battles started.

I fought and fought and fought, but at some point, it seemed like a waste of my youth. So I decided to move on, and when I moved on, my mom graciously stepped into my shoes. It was a long and ugly battle, but my mom kept fighting against that Dragon almost all alone with a minimal support from me from distance.

So many things I learnt and the most important lesson turns out to be the fact that I had attracted that woman and her property into my experience because of a false belief. And the false belief is “If I work on real estate projects without the required experience and a mentor to guide me until I gain the required experience, I will make a disaster out of the project.” And you know what? That was the reason I had decided to leave my boss, as he was refusing to take the time to mentor me in that new business. He might have taken offense in me leaving him, but I thought that I was doing him good by leaving him, instead of managing his projects alone without enough experience or guidance.

But looking back, the false belief had been active in my universe when I started my own business and it played out its black magic. And because of that black magic, I went through so much in dealing with the Dragon. And when each danger threatened me, my mom stepped in to protect me. And she did that for 4 years till the very end, which was yesterday.

slaying dragons

Talking about my mom, I had always thought that she didn’t care enough about me. And that belief, which turns out to be false as well, was based on my childhood observation of how she treated me and my brother. To exaggerate slightly, I used to think that my brother was her child and I was someone who had happened to be born from her, but not really emotionally acknowledged by her.

So maybe because of that belief, at a subconscious level, I may have wanted her to prove her love and dedication to me. And if that’s indeed what I subconsciously wanted, she proved herself a BIG TIME to me! In fact, the last 4 years of my life would have been insurmountable if it wasn’t for her unwavering support. Three times I must have given her almost heart attacks with news of great danger on my wellbeing. And great many times I unsettled her with miscellaneous matters.

But all that is over now. From now on, I will deliver only good news to her and I will support her in every way I can. If before I caused her distress, from now on I will cause her an inner peace. And in short, I will double, triple and multiply everything she has done for me in this life and make her proud of having me as her daughter.


Feel good! 


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