Tonight is the Night!

I have been really really waiting for this day for the last one week. The closer it got, the more excited I became. And now THE DAY is here and when I woke up this morning, I just jumped out of my bed with excitement. You know why this day is going to be so special for me?

th12724qqne7l3eh0Because tonight is my Toastmasters club meeting night!

The reason for this one being so special is that at the last club meeting, two of my topmost favourite people were missing. Martin was away on a holiday and Oliver had a presentation elsewhere. So before I went to the last club meeting two weeks ago, I couldn’t imagine how I was going to go through the whole meeting with huge emptiness in the crowd… 

But to my delight, there were other people who filled in my void. First of all, after being away for a month, our Club President Moritz had returned. He is a real sunshine, so I was so happy to see him again! Then there were our sweet ladies like Mirja, Barbara and Birgit to kiss and hug (with one of them in spirit!). And Leonardo, with whom I had gotten very impressed with the previoius time, became a permanent member and gave an awesome impromptu speech. And better yet, he had brought along an impressive friend of his and the friend blew us with an awesome impromptu speech too. So at the end of the club meeting, I advised these two Newcomers that they didn’t need Toastmasters because they were already great speakers. 🙂

And what else?… Oh yeah, at the after-event drink and dinner, I was lucky to be seated next to Geoffrey, who was a sweet candy to talk to. After talking for a bit, we felt that we could hang out together more often, so we caught up for a drink the same week. And the Canadian girl, who visits our club every now and then, sat on the other side of me, and I was happy about the chance to chat with her ’cause thanks to a Facebook picture, I had discovered that we had a mutual acquaintance.

And Isabelle sat opposite to me, but because of the bar noise, it was difficult to hear every word she was saying. Nevertheless, I got to hear every word of what I wanted to hear and that is the role of Vice President of Membership. Currently, she carries out this role, and if anyone doesn’t mind, I would like to promote myself for this role in the officer election next month and take over the responsibilities. And I would like to do that because it looks so natural for me to carry it out (to be more specific because I am a big-mouthed Toastmasters paparazzi, who doesn’t mind promoting my club openly and arouse interests).

And lastly, last week Melinda became a member of a Toastmasters club in the USA, and already in her first meeting, she went determined to sign up for membership and give an impromptu speech. And she did both of that, so I am very proud of her! And Melinda‘s club meetings are every week on Thursdays, so I am sure tomorrow she will be the one to get out of bed excited and explode her excitement in my direction.


So this was a post written in my pijama and now I am off to get up and get kicking.

Feel good! 


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