My Reading & Writing Nook

So I have executed what I was contemplating yesterday. What is it?

The Nook.

I called it a “Reading & Writing Nook” as I will be lying on it, reading through Internet pages or writing my blog stories. And as you see on the picture, the best thing about my nook is the bedcover that says “Keep Calm and Think of the Beach.”


When I lied down on it today, looking through the window, my mind was instantly transported to a beach because of the suggestion coming from under. I imagined myself in my favourite bikini below. My leg and butt muscles looked really nice and firm, and I felt grateful to my morning workouts… And some other scenes I imagined too.


And the next best thing on my nook is the yellow Smiley pillow. Did you see it? Isn’t she cute? 🙂

By the way, since 3pm today I am waiting for a business call from the Smiley World‘s Headquarters in London (in case you didn’t know, Smiley icon trademark belongs to the British Smiley World group.) But it’s almost 7pm now in London, so perhaps the manager couldn’t get time to ring me as she has just returned from a business trip…

Good-luck-smiley-1ilopleSo that’s what has happened in my world today and I hope you will create your own “Reading and Writing Nook” at home too (unless you have done so already!).

Feel good! 



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