Cozy in a Reading Nook

While surfing through the pages of Facebook, I just run into a longtime crush of mine. And that crush of mine is a Reading Nook. The first and the last time I’ve been in a Reading Nook has been in Istanbul at the gorgeous ÇIRAĞAN PALACE hotel (click here to flip through the gorgeous photos of the hotel).

So, that first time I got inside a Reading Nook, I fell in love with it instantly. It was comfy and cozy to the n’th degree! The room was a Superior Sea View Suite, so inside the nook I enjoyed the sun all day through the 3-sided window of the nook. With the same interior design, the room looked pretty much like the below actual room of the hotel. And the only difference was that, instead of the balcony, there was a cozy nook sticking out of the wall.

  Superior Sea View Room

So having run into a Reading Nook photo on Facebook, I just realized that I have missed it so much! So I am thinking “Maybe I’ll put my bed next to the window and make my version of a Reading Nook…”

But the thing is that ever since I started writing my own stories, I have stopped reading others’ books. So calling that chill-out spot by the window a “Reading Nook” will be a lie in my case. Instead, maybe I will call it a “Writing Nook” as I like to get cozied-up on my bed when I write my blog stories. As an example, see below freshest photo I’ve taken just now for your view. moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down


And if you would like to create a Reading or Writing Nook at your home, have a look at below favourite pictures of mine from Google Image.

This one below is so me in style. moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down Asian-style design, lots of pillows, a tea pot and a lot of tea bowls look so like me!


And this one is a beautiful nook for children’s room. Sure to have such a nook for my children to foster their reading habits!


And this one below is a simple one for sun-lovers.


I think this one is suitable for a summer house. pointing-finger-down-animated-1

Jennas-Reading-Nook finally a cuddle-up spot for the living room. And that looks yummy!


bowing down little sodaSo that was my mental journey of the day and I trust that you have liked the trip I have just taken you on.

Feel good! 


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