A Street Crush on Me

Yesterday I had a street crush on me. street crush

Having lost hope with tram No.11 coming anytime soon, I had no other choice but to walk to Hauptwache (the high street in Frankfurt) from Hauptbahnhof (the main train station). So I made peace with my only choice as soon as I realized it and started walking peacefully. Then when I came to the lights near the Euro Sign, I saw a massive crowd dressed in bright colors beyond the Euro Sign.

euro sign

Stopped by the red light, I was looking beyond the Euro Sign trying to figure out what was going on. Then suddenly a man appeared on my side and said “I wonder what is going on there” to me in German and in a tone as if we were already conversing with each other.

Thinking it was just a friendly comment of a stranger who is also stuck behind a red light and curiousity wandering to what was going on behind the Euro Sign, I said in English “I know. I think it’s some sort of Indian event.”


To be continued soon. Sunday call with Melinda coming in a bit.

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