Life beyond My Wildest Dreams: Academic Front

Ever since I started writing stories last year, I have written a lot of flashback stories and most of those stories have been totally biographical and the remaining ones have contained some sweet wishful thinking. But I treasure every single one of those stories, especially because they help me to treasure my past even if some of the memories weren’t so sweet.

But from now on, I want to write a lot of fortune-telling stories too. And before I do so, first I would like to take stock of my life up to this point and from what is to come out on these pages, I can see that I have lived a life beyond my wildest dreams so far.

My life

To go back to the base year of comparison, my dreams started in my 5th grade when I dreamed of becoming a Businesswoman and wanted to look and walk like I do in my profile picture (click here to see) when I grow up. Ever since then the vision of me looking and walking like a Businesswoman never left the back screen of my mind and it always illuminated my lifepath and guided my choices when I came to split roads.

The first step towards realizing my ultimate dream happened when in the 6th grade, I was selected as the “Class Patron” (I don’t know how it is called in English or any other language, but that’s how it is literally called in Mongolian language). In my “Class Patron” role, I felt so comfortable and the duties and responsibilities that the role required of me came so naturally. I enjoyed being the Role Model for my class, the naughty boys respected and obeyed me when I said something, and in general, the status was so my thing that in every class I transferred to after that, the status ended up becoming my thing always.

Then I started excelling in natural sciences. And because I was studying in the No.1 math and physics school in Mongolia, it was natural for me to be selected and trained in the special group of students, who trained for olympiads as extra studies. Then I started winning certain places in math, physics and chemistry olympiads. But when, in my 8th grade, I could solve university entrance exams without any error, there seemed to be no more point  in pursuing natural sciences as the focus. (The reason was that my ultimate dream wasn’t that of a scientist or an engineer, but one of a Businesswoman.) Hence, from then on, I decided to focus on learning foreign languages.

And right then, my luck has it that my mom had heard of a Turkish school that taught English language intensively ground up for one year, and after that one year, the school continued with normal secondary education. So it seemed to be my next Calling and I took the exam. (Back then the school admitted only 8th grade graduates and there were 600-700 exam-takers for the less than 100 slots.) And when I took the exam, I came out on the 1st place, above my 600-700 competitors. And the best thing about my triumph was tHappy girlhat the Mongolian director of the school was my father’s teacher and he got to know about me. So my father was proud of me, very proud! He must have done one of his strongest chest-drumming ever!

And after I got into the Turkish school and intensively learned English, I started winning international education scholarships. The first one happened a few months after I got into the Turkish school and it was a George Soros Foundation scholarship that picked 2 students from the whole country that year. The program was that of an American-European Studies summer program that made me fly to the USA at the tender age of 16.

When I returned from “the America“, I returned a changed person. If earlier my vision was set at a national level, I returned with my vision raised up to international level. From then on, my competition was not going to be national students, but international students.

At my next national competition, I beat all of my competition and won the only 4-year bachelor degree education full scholarship granted by the George Soros Foundation. As per the scholarship grant, I received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree at the American University in Bulgaria, without a penny to worry about my education. The scholarship paid for my tuitions, accomodations, flights, textbooks and pocked moneys for 4 full years. And that’s how I came up on the international arena.

And when I came up on the international arena, first I had some challenges and those were the social science subjects. So I focused on them, wrestled with them and starting from the 2nd semester of my 3rd year in university, I started coming out on top of social sciences as well. And by the last year of my bachelor education, I had gotten totally comfortable with social sciences that all of my grades returned to straight A’s once again.

And social science mastery joining my already strong natural sciences background, I really kicked some a** in my masters program (Master of Finance to be specific) and won the only full scholarship available again. This time the tuition reimbursed by my Hong Kong Polytechnic University came straight into my bank account as my employer was already sponsoring my masters program. So I got some hefty cash to give away and I gave away.

2216409amxlae7598So you see, on the academic front, I have lived a life beyond my wildest dreams. I set my visions high up, I grabbed every opportunity to get me there, I wrestled with the challenges that came along my way and I triumphed in each case. So life has been awesome on that front!

And let me move unto my personal life and career front in other stories as reading them in one seat will prove too long for my readers.

Feel good! 



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