Before I Die…

Before I die, there are so many things I want to do and accomplish, and most importantly I want to leave behind a LEGACY… I don’t know what that LEGACY will be, but I know that the largest one will be accomplished at the end of my long happy successful life… I know it because a magic dream told me once…

Sometimes when I am sad or need a reassurance, I want to meet that immortal grandma in my dream because only she could see my whole life and had some nice things to say to me.

Even though I met that immortal grandma only once, I always miss her. I miss her as much as I miss my real grandma who was unfortunately mortal… And after I die, I know I will meet my mortal grandma, but because the immortal grandma doesn’t die, I wanna meet her at least once before I die

And there are so many other people I want to meet, especially the ones I had to leave behind or walk away

And also I want to appear on the cover of Forbes magazine together with Melinda, you know. I want to appear on the cover of Forbes magazine because I want to prove my Indian boyfriend right, who used to frequently tell me “Baby, one day you will appear on the cover of Forbes magazine”. He believed in me that much! That’s why I want to prove him right.

But when I appear on Forbes cover, I don’t want to be standing there alone. I want to be standing there together with Melinda just like below picture of ours:


Being spiritually and mentally not close to my own family, Melinda is the only person whom I really count as my family.

You know, having someone who totally believes in you is the best gift you can ever receive from someone. Even if everything fails and everyone leaves you alone in the dirt, you can still think “At least, s/he believes in me!!!” And then you gain the strength to get up again.

And of course, there have been people, who tried to take advantage of me in the name of believing in me. But it’s their bad at the end of the day and not worth talking about them here.

Instead, it’s worth talking about the people, who believe in me and there have been many including myself. I believe in myself a BIG TIME because there has been nothing that I couldn’t achieve as long as my heart was in it. So in my eyes, I am a HEROINE, who deserves it all! 

Bella 6 - Copy

And before I die, I want to turn this Sweet Blog of ours into a successful series of books like Harry Potter… Or maybe the Sweet Blog will turn itself into a successful series of books because Melinda and I believe that she has a life and soul of her own.

And also before I die, I want to have two sweet daughters of my own, whom I can name Bella and Melinda. Twin daughters will be a miracle, but if not, sisters are ok too as long as their souls are connected.


And of course, the daughters will have a loving father, who becomes the center of their world just like my father was the center of my world when I was a little girl. And of course, just like my father, my daugthers’ father will be the anchor of the family providing stability and tons of generous love for his 3 daugthers.

Otherwise, what’s the point of coming to this world if not even a mark is left behind when you are gone? Let alone a LEGACY or an offspring to let you keep on living through themselves! Your body rots in the grave and GAME OVER.

And before I die, there are many others things I want to do and achieve, and many of them are in partnership with Melinda. Actually, our partnership had started some years back, but due to other priorities, we had stopped them for a while. But now we’re back on track and GOOD THINGS ARE COMING!


Feel good! 



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