Just Walk Away…

Once I have walked away from massive number of people in my life and in the last 2-3 months I have been repeating the cycle once more, and below speech of Oliver striked cord with that fact.

In essence, Oliver encouraged us to free ourselves from people who make us feel dark emotions and instead, surround ourselves with those who shine with revitalizing energy.

And of course, Oliver and I shouldn’t be the only people preaching or practicing it, but every one should do it for their own wellbeing and happiness. 




I kind of publicly preached it when I wrote my “Smell the Roses before Speaking” post and now I would like to show you how I am practicing it…

Well, the practice is quite simple actually. All it takes is to disconnect from people who don’t make me feel good and new people who do make me feel good come into my life and take the empty seats.

For example, below is a message from an ex-colleague/friend, from whom I walked away.


As you see, it’s not in English (it is in Turkish), so let me translate the content:

“Greetings, I have to write this. How fake was our friendship. Neither was I informed of your visit (meaning to Istanbul and the HQ), nor did you spend any time with me or had a plan for me for the weekend. You didn’t even spare any time for me. I am very sad ’cause of this situation.”    

What did I reply to this person?

Nothing. Nothing because I am not there anymore for this person. 

Did I do this because I am selfish?

No, because our friendship wasn’t of nature to stand the test of time and distance, and I had to acknowledge it.

How did it feel to walk away?

Litte sad, but not much because some forces are stronger than others and I just had to accept it.

And after creating many empty seats in my life, many new people, who make me feel goodkeep walking into my life and I want to share their messages with you as well.

First one. moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down


My response to this person: “Thanks heaps! I am waiting for ideas to bring out the best in us.”

Next. more-finger104


My response to this person: “I’m on it.”



My response to this person: “Call me anytime!” (and she did.)




My response to this person: “So look forward to next Thursday then! If there is any hope my voice can sing, I will go down on my knees for the first time! And let’s discuss then what we can do together.”

And besides these good-feeling messages and emails, I started receiving more hand kisses. For instance, last night at my Ambassador event, a total stranger approached me and said “I have been watching you earlier. You are very elegant, and I like elegant women.” Then he kissed my hand. So I am thinking, “How nice is it to have my hand kissed every week while it almost never happened before!


Oh well, let’s see who kisses my hand next week! 

Feel good! 



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