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New Favorite Girl – Ariana Grande

Today a new Favorite Girl 326BE6EB00000578-3502745-image-m-14_1458569765809was added to my BIG collection of favorite girls. Her name is Ariana Grande. If you have seen this Playboy Bunny-dressed girl somewhere, that’s her!

She is 23 and an American singer and actress. And because I like her acting when she is singing and dancing, I promoted her as one of the representatives of my Physical Storyteller character.

And on below screenshot and also on my side (the right-hand side) of the blog widget (the sideway column with static information), you can see the other two Representatives.

Physical Storytellers

To me, these three ladies tell the same story with their bodies. And they tell the story that says “I am desirable!

And of course, there are other ladies who tell different stories. For example, Beyonce is always having power struggle with men through her songs and dance, and I don’t like that. Do you remember the song name “Nasty Girl“? Well, that name has to do with Beyonce as well.

But these 3 ladies are different. They say to men “I am desirable!” and they stay desirable because they act (acted in Marilyn Monroe’s case) the part.

And why do I like this story? 

Well, I think it’s because I myself like to tell that story to My Man.

Don’t believe me? 

Ask My Man! “The Sleeping Beauty” scene must be still fresh in his mind as an example…

And if you wanna see more of my New Favorite Girl, watch below  videos ↓

Feel good! 


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