Dedicated to All Suppressed Women

This story is dedicated to all the supressed women in the world. SUPRESSED, thanks to abusive husbands, thanks to unappreciative employers, thanks to religious societies, and thanks to their own limited beliefs!

Why this story? 

When I woke up and checked my blog statistics this morning, I saw the largest hits from a Middle Eastern country and I associated it with my I was Born Female story.

You know, everything in my life falls into place beautifully, and some time yesterday, before writing that story at night, I had briefly skimmed over an article somewhere on Internet that said “Israelis are circumventing Internet censorship through something, something”. And because politics is not an area of my interest, my brain didn’t register that something, something.

Then this morning I woke up to see on what issue that article was trying to shed light on… And the thing is, I had received the largest blog hits from Israel while I was asleep. See below screen shot that shows the hits. ↓


And these 21 hits shed light on my mind as I asked “Where are the hits from the other Middle Eastern countries, where women must be regretting to have been assigned a female gender?” …Maybe they just don’t have that something, something

I don’t know or don’t care to know what that something, something is, but I am sure it must be similar to VPN that Linda and her expat friends used for a long time while they lived in China. And later when I lived there for a short while, I had to use it too. Otherwise, our choices were too limited.

Then I moved to Turkey, but there was censorship again, but perhaps one that blocked different kinds of contents. And because of not having smart hackers like Linda or her friends around, I had to live with the censorship in Turkey. But I was lucky enough to go on constant business trips overseas due to my work, so I was able to enjoy open content every now and then.

And in terms of open content, Russia and Germany really baffled me because it’s just so open. Sometimes they even seem to encourage a certain content as they go as far as creating a separate TV channel for that and make it part of the few channel choices available in the hotels.

Well, to be honest, I had no problem with the openness of that content. Sometimes when I run into them, I watched them for a while and when they got out of my league I switched to something else.

So that was my suppression in a heavily religious society and a semi-socialist society. And having lived in those countries, now I truly appreciate the openness of Germany and also Mongolia, where the governments don’t mess with you on an individual basis.

Coming to family suppression, I am also very lucky on that. First of all, suppression from an abusive husband is out of question as I have never been married. And even if I get married one day, that will still be out of question because my husband may get supressed because of my strong character, but not vice versa.

And as a kid, luckily I never felt any sort of suppression from my parents. If I have to pick one quality that makes me grateful to them, I would say that they left me alone to do my things. In fact, when I was growing up in their home, my mother was more like a co-existing person than someone whom I felt was my mother.

But my father was different. He was always there when I needed him. In fact, if it wasn’t for him I would have abandoned that family a long time ago as a teenager. And it did happen once when my father was abroad on a business trip.

As always, one day I had a fierce fight with my brother, and knowing that my mother wouldn’t protect me, I decided to stay at my grandparents until my father returned. And you know what? A day or two before he returned, my mom and brother came to take me home. Why? They didn’t wanna look bad when my father arrived.

But life is so strange… When I grew up beyond 20+, my relationship with my parents changed and now my father has become the co-existing person and my mother has turned into the one, who is protecting me every step along the way… Oh well, life is strange!

Coming to suppression from unappreciative employers, that’s where I have real rich experiences to talk about and I have 2 cases.

In the first case, I was again lucky enough to find a boss, who would leave me alone to do my things. It was never about him telling me what to do, but more like me initiating what to do and him standing behind me to support whatever I had in my mind.

But you know, when I had taken on the largest challenge ever, he wanted to retire young. And instead of himself, he chose someone not much older and not much more experienced than me to support me. And I didn’t take that, I refused to take that because I knew he would try to suppress me. And when we couldn’t come to agreement, I left my good boss.

And in the second case, I was really badly suppressed because I didn’t have any other choice. I was new to the country, I had not a single friend or relative to help me, I didn’t speak the language fluently yet, and I had a limiting work permit that tied my residence in that country to that company.

And for me, going back where I came from wasn’t an option. Therefore, I decided to take the suppression. And it was one of the two hardest things I have ever lived through. But I didn’t have much choice. Plus I saw a bright light at the end of the tunnel if I can just get through it. And I got through it and the light became mine.  

And when I was going through that long dark tunnel of suppression, I never lost hope in the situation or trust in myself. I just kept telling myself “The time will come…”

So if you are a fully-blossoming beautiful flower stuck in a dark tunnel, please don’t lose hope and trust! There will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Trust me!

Unfolding beauty

And if you feel like killing that man who is suppressing you, listen to below song to reconsider its consequences. Because like it says in the lyrics, your mom will be the one to suffer the most.

Instead, if you just believe in the light at the end of the tunnel, trust in your strength and make it through to the end, you will come out as a CHAMPION! And when you do, sing below song, standing on top of a mountain!

And once you become a CHAMPION, nothing can stop you. Then sing below song every day and have a good time!

Feel good! 


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