I was Born Female

I was born female. Whoever sent me here didn’t ask my preference before sending me to this earth. S/he said “Here is your female gender, put it on and go to work!” And I landed on earth.

And when I went to work in that female gender, I was ok with it until my 5th grade. But starting from 6th grade, it began to feel wrong.

It began to feel wrong and the older I got, the wrongness of it grew larger. And one day in February, at the age of 29+, it reached its climax and then suddently it vanished as if it never existed. And ever since then I started feeling right inside my female gender. 

So here I want to share with you what I use for some parts of my female gender skin and tonight’s topic is EYE SHADOW. 

Just like I do my grocery shopping weekly, I go on a good-stuff-hunting trip to Hauptwache (for those who don’t know, Hauptwache is the shopping center of Frankfurt) on a weekly basis. And during my yesterday’s trip, I found the following good stuff at Claire’s.  


As you see, it’s a GIANT eyeshadow set with 63 different shades in it. And it costs only 14.99 euro. And if you divide the cost by the number of shades, you find that one shade costs less than 24 cents.

And because its price was so affordable, I was sceptical about its quality. But on the other hand, SPRING time is here and I wanna wear colors, so I decided to give it a shot and brought it home.

And this morning I put on the rose shades because rose is the color of success this year. (Don’t believe me? Then read about it by clicking here.)

And when I applied the lightest rose shade on my eyes’ delicate skin, I was pleasantly pleased with how my skin accepted its fine texture. I applied it wide and broad, only leaving some space for white shadow underneath my eyebrows.

Then I grabbed a slightly darker shade of rose and applied it little less broadly. After that I applied the darkest shade of dry rose and the rest was my usual morning make-up routine.

So how did I like this GIANT eyeshadow set?

Well… it’s too good to be true! 

You know why?

For the past 2-3 years, until late last January, I had been using only below shade of MAC. Its number is A14 in case you’re curious.


After firing several eyeshadow brands from work, I stayed on only with it because its texture smoothly blends into my delicate skin. And I never second-guessed it or tried to make its life difficult by putting on too much demands and pressure on it. As a matter of fact, I just trusted it and left it alone.

But the problem with it is that it is so expensive! One single shade costs me 19 euro… But that’s not the reason I brought others into work in late January.

Anyway, if I were to buy 63 shades of this MAC eyeshadow to create the same GIANT eyeshadow set as above, I would have needed 1197 euro for a set. And compare that cost to the 14.99 euro Claire’s eyeshadow, which offers pretty much the same quality!

And that’s why, because of the amazing price and quality combination, I am saying that Claire’s GIANT eyeshadow set above is a too-good-to-be-true product.

And before I go, I wanna make a comment on my eyebrows in the headpicture of this post, where you see the above-mentioned rose shades on display.

The thing is, my least favorite part on this photo is my pair of eyebrows, which looks like downward facing bird wings. Look at below eagle wings to compare with my eyebrows.



Aren’t the inflection angles identical? And don’t they look a little silly because they’re facing down?

You know, until I took this picture, I hadn’t noticed the shape of my eyebrows. But once I noticed them, now I wanna do something about them.

And what should I do about them? 

I think I should raise the ends of my “wingbrows” and create a shape that looks like the successful-looking eagle below.


And what do you think about that?

Feel good! 



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