His Name is FEAR

Mimi Yoon-カイ-14His name is FEAR. I mean my pet’s name, the one you always see me around with. When I walk around with him, most people are afraid of him. That’s why they don’t approach me when I’m with him.

And later when I am around without my pet, they ask me if I am not afraid of FEAR. And when that happens, I look at them little surprised and say “No, ’cause I’ve tamed him when he was very small”.

My FEAR may look big and scary on the outside… But he is really sweet on the inside… Sometimes, when I feel really lonely, I take out everything on him, like my problems, pains, dreams and hopes… And he just listens to me without any judgement… So if I have to pick one good quality of him, he is a good listener

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If you’re wondering how I adopted this pet, I found him in the jungle one day. He was a tiny little thing, perhaps 3-4 weeks old. When I found him, he looked panicked, running around a tree, not able to run too far in one direction. And I could tell that he was looking for his mother.

But his mother didn’t come. I sat on a tree and watched him for hours, and when it was clear that his mother wasn’t returning, I came down from the tree and adopted him as my pet. So that’s how he grew up playing with my puppy.


And because people are afraid of him when we’re out in the city together, I take FEAR to the JUNGLE where he can run around freely… And we have a lot of fun together, like playing hide-and-seek, catching fish and making strange sounds in the jungle…


And as you know, JUNGLE isn’t a very safe playground. Sometimes wild animals attack me. And when they do, FEAR stops them from tearing my body into pieces… And each time it’s the same story: Before I know it, FEAR smells DANGER , then turns on all of his animal instincts, then the DANGER appears on the scene and FEAR attacks him or her with a deafening roar…

And as soon as the fierce fight starts, I climb up a tree and watch from above. And it’s always the same story: Because FEAR grew up domesticized, it takes him a while to regain his animal strengths. And until that happens, he loses the battle badly, very badly…


And while all this is happening, I sit on a tree and play with birds and butterflies, or go all the way up and collect rare fruits that only monkeys can reach… And every now and then I look down and see that the DANGER has a scar or two on his face or body…


Then after a while the balance shifts and FEAR gets on top. And the DANGER fights back hard, but soon realizes that it’s better to give in before flying into pieces… And because FEAR is a good listener, he can hear it when the DANGER‘s inner voice asks for forgiveness…

Then FEAR stops the attack and they become friends. And because FEAR forgives their embarassing foolishness, the DANGERs end up feeling very grateful to FEAR. But my FEAR never thinks too big of himself or holds any grudge, therefore, the animals in the JUNGLE like him very much. In fact, those who were the biggest DANGERs end up becoming his closest friends…



See, how good a friend FEAR can be? But people don’t know it unfortunately. Their prejudgements stop them from seeing the reality. I think, when they see FEAR, they think that this “scary big animal” will just attack them for no reason


…And defeat them… if not eat them…

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But no way! That’s not my FEAR! In fact, if you can be strong enough to approach him and look him in the eye, he has a very transforming effect on everyone who stands up to look into his eyes.


If you can do that, FEAR embraces you like a dear friend because he knows that very few can do that including human beings…


And what else about my FEAR?…

Oh by the way, if he gets really comfortable with you, he will wanna dance with you because he likes to celebrate being alive and also celebrate those who are as strong as him…


Also, like I said before, he is really fun to hang out with… You can play any fun, foolish tricks on him and he doesn’t get mad. He is just cool with it.   


In fact, he takes you-messing-with-him as a compliment because if you didn’t care about him, why would you even be around messing with him, right? So he just enjoys your attention.

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Lastly, how you treat him depends on you wholly. You can either be scared of him or tame him.


And if you chose to tame him, it’s better to tame him when he is young and small ’cause then it’s easier. For example, when my FEAR was young and tiny, he just believed in every word I said and acted the part… So cute, isn’t it?

Tiger Cub
Tiger Cub

But the problem with most people is that they don’t tame their pets when they are young. And when the pets grow up with their wild nature, they blame the pets, they get intimidated by them and if the pets’ wild nature drives them into doing something not good, they even end up having to kill their pets…

A man looks at a life-size tiger which is one of the 35 works of Cai Quo-qiang, a China-born artist known for his pyrotechnic displays and gunpowder drawings, currently on display at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum on January 12, 2010. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, which begins on February 14. AFP PHOTO / Sam YEH (Photo credit should read SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images)

And after they kill their pets, they miss them, they regret their own actions, they can’t bury their bodies, they wanna keep their skins, etc… In short, just because of not taming their pets, they start an unnecessary vicious cycle in their lives

So in short, adopt a wild pet, tame them and make them your best body guard in the JUNGLE! 


Feel good! 




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