Rainy, Teary Days…

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite Rituals products, and that is the Mild Eye Make-up Remover. See below for how it looks. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Earlier I told you that Rituals’ shower gel (click here to see how it looks) is THE product that makes me freak out as soon as its bottle starts getting light…

Well, that’s true, and there is also the 2nd product (this eye makeup remover in the picture I mean) that has the same effect, but less bad because I consume it slower (like one bottle of it every 2 months versus 1 bottle of shower gel every 3-4 weeks).

In above picture, you see the happy 2 bottles together–one new and the other old. The new one is the standing one and the old one is the one leaning on it because its bones can’t hold it straight any longer. Hence, it has to lean on the young one.

So together, they are happy. And them being together makes me very happy because as soon as this eye makeup remover’s bones start getting light, I start freaking out, thinking “What if this one finishes before I can get hold of a new one… Then…” And I start imagining things…

Well, when I start imagining things, my biggest fear is the MaxFactor mascara “False Lash Effect”.  See below. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


The reason for being afraid of it is that no amount of soap and water can wash it off. As it says on the label, it is WATERPROOF… That’s it!

So unless I have a good oil-based eye makeup remover, I am stuck with this mascara. Imagine going to bed with a thick layer of mascara… (See? This is how I start imagining things…)

My feelings towards this mascara is quite mixed. On the positive side, it really does what it preaches on the label. But on the negative side, it is just TOO waterproof… In fact, unless you’re acting in a rainy scene movie or going through a very emotional period with sudden bursts of tears every day, this mascara is just “too good” for you.

For example, today I shed many big teardrops while writing my How to Bury My Flowers? story and not a thing was spoilt in my makeup after some heavy teardrops. And you see its evidence in this crying picture of mine.


…So that was me officially introducing you to my 2nd favorite Rituals product, and in short, this eye makeup remover is the solution if no amount of rain and tears can wash off your eye makup.

giphy eyelashes

Feel good! 


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