My Message to J.K.Rowling

This morning, while waiting for my breakfast to arrive, I happened to press on my Twitter app and the first thing I saw was the above twit of J.K.Rowling that said “I wish I could just favourite emails instead of answering them.”

And without hesitation, I sent her the above reply, and the next moment a thought shot in my mind: “Why don’t I myself LIKE my favorite messages and emails about our blog?”

Then I got too excited about the idea, couldn’t even wait to finish my breakfast. So I had it wrapped to take away home and here I am posting my favorite message and email I have received so far regarding our Sweet Blog.

And by the way, today is our Sweet Blog’s 5-month birthday. So it is a nice treat for the Birthday GirlLittle-girl-blowing-out-birthday-candles


So thank you Simone! Your message is my favourite Whatsapp message about our Sweet Blog.


Thank you Mirja! Your email is my favourite email regarding my writing skills, which our Sweet Blog makes it possible to shine.

Finally, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BLOG! Melinda and I love you so much! You make us shine!


Feel good! 


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