How to Bury My Flowers?

My flowers are dying in front of my eyes and it’s so painful to see them die…

See? Two of them are dead already. And it’s just a matter of time until the rest of them die too…

But I don’t want them to die, you know… Because they are the first bouquet of flowers I received in my new life… That’s why they shouldn’t die… And our Sweet Blog had sent them to me…

…the Sweet Blog sent me the flowers? 

Well, it’s a make-believe that I told myself… The thing is, the moment I realized that I had been selling myself cheap in the last couple of years, I decided to correct my mistake and wrote my I Want Roses story and published it here.

But you know what? Regardless of reading my story, nobody gave me roses and I was sad… Then last week, as I was walking to the cash desk at the end of my weekly grocery shopping, I saw this orange bouquet of flowers and I bought it for myself.

They’re not roses… So to comfort myself, I told myself “Oh wow how wonderful! Our Sweet Blog has sent me flowers of its own color! How beautiful are they!”

And I believed it.

But now they started dying, so I am really sad. In fact I am shedding big tears as I write this story…

Big tears

Seems like I can’t stop them from dying, So I wanna at least bury them respectfully and memorably…

So how can I do it? Anyone has any idea? 

Feel good! 


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