The Male Fashion Icon in My Life

Earlier I introduced Martin to you as my Club Idol in terms of public speaking. And to come clean, he is my Fashion Idol too. In fact, no one will argue with me, I think, if I say that he is the Male Fashion Icon in the club. See how well-dressed he was today. pointing-finger-down-animated-1


Well, he is not only the best-dressed man in the club, but also the best-mannered gentleman in the club. For example, when I walked into the club tonight, he was the first person to greet me and kissed my hand even. And when he greeted me like a Royal Blood, I outwardly didn’t say a word, but inside I was like “OMG, he is the 2nd man ever to kiss my hand… Boy, how special do I feel!”


Then the moment I was able to say a word, I openly admired his exquisite style… And I couldn’t stop there, I just kept openly admiring his exquisite style throughout the whole evening. See, I even took his pictures from different angles!

And of course, in his gentlemanly manner, he complimented on my accessories’ combination. And of course, that was not a bad thing to hear given that I had invested some time in choosing my look for the night.

Normally, I don’t spend a great deal of time in front of the mirror before going to my Toastmasters club meeting, but tonight I DID because I was to be the Table Topic Master, which would put me in a bit of spot-light position.

First, I tried on my Ivanka Trump style dress (see the photo of me by clicking here), but that seemed a little too overdressed. So I decided to keep that look for my next week’s InterNations Ambassador role of mine.

Instead, I went for below casual look given that there was a chance of improvisation theater act together with Oliver and anything can happen in such an act. And the magic of this dress is the comfort and flexibility of it. It’s so comfy and flexible to move in it that, I think, I can even play football in it.


When this look felt like the right choice, I looked forward to my Table Topic Master role that evening. And just before stepping out of my home, I put on a red lipstick for the first time in my life to match with my accessories. See, how seriously I took the role?


And the reason I picked red color accessories is due to below badge I intended to wear as an encouragement for the Bold Volunteer Speakers. (I hope the encouragement worked though…)


And I matched my look with one of my favorite old bags. See how gorgeous it looks?


Well, the bag must have looked gorgeous until I exposed its dark side at the after-meeting get-together at Schönhauser. See its backside? 


And the reason for exposing its dark side is the fact that my Fashion Icon mentioned that Gucci has an in-house leather-dying service inside the shop.

When I heard that, I immediately pulled out my bag’s dark side to find out if it was curable. But I was sad to hear that this lovely bag of mine isn’t even rescuable by Gucci. sad

And to make it worse, Martin challenged me to get into a bet with him where I will prove my saleswomanship to him if I can find a man-enough man to buy me a new Gucci bag.

Cornered, I tried to decide on the style of the bag with Martin as I am very picky about my bags and earrings. On anything else I can be flexible, but not with bags and earrings. They are my non-negotiables.

But I found the Gucci bags that we (Martin, me and others who were involved in the discussion) went through on Gucci eShop boring. Then we tried to find more fascinating bags on other high-end brands’ websites, but one thing lead to another and soon my bag choice evaporated into the thin air…

So now I am clueless as to what style of which brand bag I have betted on with Martin. And I am also puzzled by his term “man-enough man”… Does it mean someone I have an intimate relationship with? Or does it mean just about any man? …Can it even include Martin himself?

And SHOULD I have such a man buy me such a high-end bag just to prove my saleswomanship to Martin? Or SHOULD I have such a man buy me such a bag because I really need a replacement?

If it’s about saleswomanship, I think I have the past track record to prove it. But those bags are also too old too… Some of them are already handed down…

But it will be great to have a new bag bought because a man cares me enough to give me a replacement for the disintegrating one…

In fact, when that happens, you feel really special as a woman, you know… When a man cares enough about you, first he starts with cosmetics gifts… Then he advances with perfumes… Then expensive bags and clothes… Then international trips and holidays, etc…

Anyway, enough of flashbacks! All I am trying to say is that I am totally confused about my bet with Martin. So I’ll clear that with him when we visit his home this Sunday.

And last, but not least, I was able to get a reading on my manicure from my Fashion Icon before the evening ended. Below is my favorite nail-code, and judging by its style, Martin said that I am a focused person. And he was so spot-on on that. arrow_bullseye_hg_wht

And HOW am I a focused person? 

Well, the answer will make a really long story… So perhaps I will tell you HOW in another blog post later…


Feel good! 



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