Cosmetics Bottles Revisited

Here is the issue: I shower twice daily and I use Rituals’ shower gel. And if I am addicted to, or depended on anything at all, it is this shower gel of Rituals that you see in the head picture.

So at the speed of 2-showers-daily I consume one bottle of shower gel every 3-4 weeks. And when the bottle I am currently using starts to feel light in weight, I begin to freak out, afraid that it might finish before I manage to buy a new one.

So over time I have become religious about keeping a spare one in stock, and only after I have bought that spare one, I can sit down with it and enjoy inner peace like a Buddha.

Rituals Laughing Buddha Collection Review (4)

Now you might ask why am I so addicted to this particular shower gel of Rituals… 

Well, it’s because I am impatient. shy

The beauty of this shower gel is that it comes out as a foam, so I don’t have to spend any time rubbing it against my skin with a sponge to soreness… It just comes out as a luxuriously good-smelling foam and Voilà!

But each time I have to throw away the newly-emptied bottle into garbage, a feeling of guilt sweeps over me. Why? Because I have thrown away so many of them and in mind’s eye I can’t help seeing the mounting pile of my empty shower gel bottles…

And I use other products of Rituals too and they just add to my mental garbage pile of course… See below set as an example.


And now my pile has become so big that my mind is totally freaked out and running around looking for a possible solution… The questions it is asking are the followings:

Can’t shower gels and other cosmetics be refilled like perfumes do?

Why do we have to fool ourselves in the name of luxury and create so much unnecessary garbage like unrefillable bottles, unrecyclable extravagant bags? 

Can’t cosmetics bottles be repurchased and recycled like water bottles? 

and so on…

I don’t know if anybody else is thinking about this issue or has even found the solution and introduced the practice… but this is something that really bothers me and now you know it…

Feel good! 


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