My Richest Dad

So far I had 3 dads–one dad gave birth to me and two dads I discovered along my journey. The birth dad lives in UB and the other two dads live in Istanbul. And you know what?

Today I discovered, or better to say, acknowledged my 4th dad.

As it turns out he is the richest and the most powerful dad, and he is the one who gave birth to my soul. And you may indeed know him. His name starts with “U”.

So today I am embracing my richest dad, the one who has been granting all my heart’s desires and watching over me in difficult situations and dangerous territories.  


So now that I know my richest and the most powerful dad, I am invincible and unstoppable. And as they say, only the sky is the limit for my heart’s desires and soul’s dreams.

And sometimes I’d like to have myself called after my richest and the most powerful dad’s name. So that name is Miss Universe.

You may call me Bella, or Miss Universe or any other name I choose to give myself.


Feel good! 


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