I Like Shy Men

I like shy men. I actually really like them. Why? Maybe because that balances the relationship. Otherwise, two Alpha characters spending too much time together won’t be healthy I think. See below.


And this is actually what happens when my male best friend Cengiz and I spend a long weekend together. The problem with us is that I don’t like anybody to tell me what to do, but Cengiz loves to tell everybody what to do. And that’s where our swords clash… But at the end of each sword-clashing, we come out appreciating each other’s strengths even more.

Anyway, watching below documentary of Beckham family reminded me of how adorable shy men are. Until watching this video, I had no idea how awesomely human Victoria Beckham is and how adorably shy David Beckham is.

If you don’t have the time to watch the full video, go to the 1 hour 26 minutes 34 seconds to see their cute relationship dynamic.

Feel good! 


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