From Baira to Bella

Today I transformed my name from Baira to Bella. I transformed it because the name Baira no longer reflects who I am becoming…

Why Bella?graphics-hearts-221099

Because this name gets my heart signing!


The last time I heard it was 2 days ago when the cook at the Love Pizza place waved hand at me and said Bye Bella!” as I was leaving. And when my ears heard “Bella”, first my heart stopped, then jumped up, looked around at the man and starting singing…

And the first time I heard it was at another Italian restaurant in Berlin. Back then I used to frequent that place often and all the staff there called me “Bella“.

“Hi Bella! Bye Bella! How are you Bella?” … and my heart melt for those musical words…

Hence, today I decided to transform my name to Bella as it is the best name suitable for the best version of me that I am becoming… Unfortunately, I can’t change it officially as I have already used the one chance every MGL citizen is given. So I just changed it in spirit.

In spirit? Does it work?

Yes, it does. In fact, I have been very flexible with names since the day I was born. 

Back when I was born, most MGL names were composed of two words. And it was common or customary for siblings to share the same first word of the two-word name. So on my birth certificate I was named “Bayartsetseg”, in line with my brother’s name “Bayarsaikhan”.

“Bayar” comes from the verb “bayarlakh”, which means “to be happy, to celebrate”. So Bayartsetseg can be most meaningfully translated as Happyflower.

But that name stayed pretty much on the birth certificate and the passport only until it was officially replaced with my nickname that I liked better… But before I get further into that story, let me explain what other names I have had relationship with.

Back when I was born and still today to some extent, it is common in MGL to give names that are “approved” by Lamas (the same Lama as in Dalai Lama). The name Bayartsetseg didn’t pass the Lama test, so my parents were instructed to call me something else within the family. That name starts with L and has 10 characters in English. And it sounds bad, so bad in MGL because it’s a Tibetian name. I disliked this name… Luckily only one of my grandmas called me with that ugly name and the other 100+ relatives call me with the shorter version of it, which has 7 characters. And I dislike that also…

And when I was a baby girl, I had all sorts of nicknames, and all except one teased and adored the fact that I was a chubby baby with a lot of baby fat. And that exceptional name was Natasha. My family and relatives called me with this Russian name because I looked like a Russian doll as a baby. My hair was too fair for a Mongolian and skin too “yellow” as we call that tone.

In school, my classmates called me with different shorter versions of Bayartsetseg, and the version I like the best is the one my Eastern European programmates at my summer school in the US called me. And that is Baira.

Now Baira is officially on my passport. I changed it officially because I didn’t relate to Bayartsetseg in the first place. And second, the long name used to give me too much trouble when I am abroad. So why not improve it if I can?

And now my new name is Bella (means beautiful in Italian), and me and my life is as beautiful as the name. See below how beautiful I look and how I can’t get enough of myself!



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