The Love Pizza

Have you ever had a Love Pizza? No? Never?

Well, there is one Italian restaurant chain in Frankfurt that makes Love Pizza. It is called Amici.

I happened to walk into it today while looking for the venue (Yours Australian Bar) where Barry and I plan to hold our next monthly InterNations Newcomers’ Event.

The lady behind the counter welcomingly told me that the Australian Bar was just next door. I went to the bar and on they way back, I couldn’t resist walking into Amici once more.

And what brought me inside this time? 

I think it’s the Love Pizza photo on the footstopper outside and the friendly welcome of the lady behind the counter.

I got in, ordered the most mixed pizza available and got comfy on my chair…

…Looking around, I was fascinated by the number of happy smiley faces that covered the entire restaurant. So I asked Ruta (the friendly lady mentioned above) who those picture on the walls were and she said “Friends and Family” (I’m guessting the friends and family of the owner).

See how many there are?



The owner of the restaurant chain appears on below picture, but I won’t point him out to you this time.


And they play amazing music. I went numb listening to it. The one I Shazamed was Carusso by Andrea Bocelli, and here it is for you to enjoy as well:

And below picture shows what the music did to me.



By the way, when my pizza arrived I was secretly hoping that it would be heart-shaped, but it was not. And when I expressed my disappointment, Ruta said that I could have told her my wish beforehand. And since I didn’t, I will go there once again to have a heart-shaped pizza.

And because I am a member of InterNations’ Frankfurt Sunday Brunch Lovers Group, I try to help the Group Consul Andrea to discover new venues. So I asked Ruta if they offer Sunday brunch. And Ruta said that particular branch doesn’t offer Sunday brunch, but the other restaurants of the chain do and she extended me an invoice to show the address. So I took the picture of the address section. So here they are:


All in all, I left contented. The pizza was delicious. The staff were friendly. The atmosphere was pleasant. And looking at the photos around, you can tell that the owner/manager believes in love, happiness and enjoying the life.  


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