The Benefit of NLP

NLP is a subject I had briefly flirted with 11 years back. So recalling that Moritz had specialized in it, I wanted to take the chance to hear about that old flame.

After 11 years, I have totally forgotten what it was about, but I liked hearing what magic it has done for Moritz. Above all, I understood that it helped him to CONQUER FEAR, fear in general.

And I think there are many ways to learn to conquer fear and I am sure that public speaking is definitely one of them.

And I think that once you have conquered fear, all the good things Moritz mentioned in his below speech naturally happen, such as: 

  • Walking on hot coal
  • Making drastic life and career changes such as jumping from the financially secure platform of a banker to that of  financially uncertain personal development/self development coach
  • Understanding the essense of “ME”
  • Getting to know “Who I am” and becoming so cozy and comfy with “myself”
  • Connecting with people from heart, h92mind and spirit and just feeling what’s going on with an another human being
  • Reaching one’s full potential
  • Inspiring and empowering people

As for me, I am working on conquering MY FEAR. Luckily, I was not born with a massive doze of it (you can read my story by clicking here) and I am working on conquering some that is out there (You’ve seen it at the last club contest right? If not, click here to see the video of it).

And my secret to conquering fear is to try to find my own way (just like Moritz suggested) in any endeavor that I am up to, whether it is figuring out which voice works for me in writing or changing several countries to eventually finding my home in Frankfurt…

… And Finally, Moritz said, “…NLP helped me A LITTLE bit on that” (meaning all of the above benefits I believe). So I wonder what helped him A LOT and if he can help us get from here to where we want to BE in public speaking…

… And very finally, I wish MoritzGood Luck & Blast!” with Anthony Robbins and the 6000 audience next week and I hope that he will rub some of the ash on us when he gets back.

And now I stop talking and let Moritz start:


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