Reality Lasts Only One Moment

Today Oliver delivered the second speech in a series of speeches that he is giving us on creating Personas. In his first speech, Oliver had awakened within us the possibility of creating Personas to overcome FEAR and meet life challenges head on.

Having been already interested in the subject of Alter Ego, which Oliver calls Persona, I had listened to his first speech all ears and taken great pleasure in evaluating it. And as per Toastmasters culture, I gave him feedback for further improvement and posed the following questions to learn more of what he has to teach us:

  • How can we create a Persona? How do I know which Persona fits me?
  • How do I stay in the present? How do I know if I am not in the present? How do I develop the habit of staying in the present?

And in his today’s speech, which you can watch below, he came back to us with the answers to some of my questions and more. 

To highlight the main messages of Oliver‘s above speech, he tells us that the key to staying in the present is to shut the door to the past and to the future, and turn down the voices in our head; and once we can do that we feel free and remain in the present. And further, he emphasizes that staying in the present moment is especially important in stressful situations such as public speaking (because, I think, that in such situations FEAR tries to take over us) and also it is the prerequisite for striving to create a Persona.

And according to him, in creating a Persona, imagination and asking ourselves creative questions is the key and as we go along, we should keep exploring our imagined Persona further with new questions until it is colorful and realistic. For instance, we should ask ourselves questions like “What do I want to say in this situation? What kind of language, what kind of voice would I like to use? How would I like to position myself? How would I like to let my body speak?”

As for improving the effectiveness of Persona creation, Oliver suggests keeping a journal and frequently recording our progresses. And to launch our Personas, he suggests us to just do it, and talk the way we want, walk the way we want, position ourselves as we want and practice it on a daily basis.

Finally, he admits that this practice will be one of the most challenging things we’ve ever done in our lives, but he assures that the result will be truly worth it.

Once Oliver was done with his speech, as per Toastmasters culture again, Martin gave him feedback in below video. ↓

In evaluating Oliver‘s speech, Martin compared it with painting and called his speech Jackson Pollock kind of painting, meaning there is a lot going on. See Jackson Pollock below standing in front of his typical drawing. ↓

Jackson Pollock

And while evaluating the speech, Martin himself created great pictures in our minds, like that morning coffee scene. And he evaluated the speech in terms of 4 categories: Persuade, Inform, Entertain and Inspire.

To highlight the key phrases of his evaluation, Martin specifically said “Did you persuade me? Hmm well, ok, maybe, but you could have used Rhetorics a lot more” (needless to say that Martin himself is a great Orator.) “Inform… show us real life examples of how this method has helped others.” “Entertain… get us involved in your speech.” “Inspire…” and then he basically articulated the content of below diagram. ↓


Finally, Martin summarized Oliver‘s speech as charismatic and enigmatic speech and that was my favorite phrase of the day.

And how did I like Oliver‘s speech? 

I am teased and ticked about the subject matter even more. So I can’t wait to listen to his 3rd speech in his Persona series.

And how did I like Martin‘s evaluation?

Jaw-dropping as usual!

And by the way, after the club meeting, I had a chance to put on the Varuna god mask and I was so affected by the powerful feeling I felt behind it. See my photo below, where I am standing in a SUPERHUMAN pose because of its powerful effect. ↓

Varuna mask

Awesome experience! 



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