What Is Felt, Should Be Expressed 29.03.16


Today I watched “Birnenkuchen mit Lavendel” in German, and it was my 2nd movie I watched in German in a movie theater.

The main character of the movie is a genius guy, who is a little wierd. He feels everything much stronger than normal humanbeings do, he expresses whatever he feels or thinks without any filter and he has an amazing brain that memorizes books word for word and can do sophisticated computer programming as well.

To me, the moral of the story was the importance of being honest about our feelings and thoughts, and express them exactly as they are. When you do it, of course, many peope will get wierded out or won’t like it. But those who really value you will find it immensely attractive and won’t hestiate in trusting whatever you say or do. 

So the movie was a good encouragement and assurance for me to stand on my ground strong and don’t care about other people’s judgements. So no hard feelings if you don’t like what I say or how I behave. What you witnessed is exactly what went on in my mind and I was just being honest in letting you know. So take it only as a feedback!

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