Hollywood Turns Bollywood

Lucy had left me alone in the bar yet again… It had been barely an hour since I had come to the bar. But Lucy left me! What do I do next? Do I stay in the bar alone? Or do I go back home?

I didn’t wanna go back home right away. Afterall, I had taken such a trouble to come there all the way from Kowloon side. In fact, if it wasn’t for Lucy’s insistance on introducing me to her new boyfriend that night in that bar, I wouldn’t have taken the trouble to come there all the way from Kowloon side.

But neither did she introduce me to her new boyfriend, nor did she keep my company. Some drunken excuses and just gone! Oh well, what do I do next? …The moment she left, I started feeling self-conscious and little fearful… Should I stay? Or should I go?

I didn’t go right away. I decided to finish the wine I had in my hand. So I made peace with my self-consciousness and decided to stay there a little longer… Then I saw someone coming in… He was tall, very tall… He was handsome, very handsome… Then he saw me and our eyes slooow-danced together…

It felt like Rome & Juliet‘s aquarium scene…


It must have lasted total of 5 seconds, but the memory of it is imprinted in my mind FOREVER…   

We slow-danced in those few seconds… I felt him like this…

giphy (2).gif

And he felt me like this…

giphy (1).gif

…5 seconds over and his friends took him to the bar-side. I was impressed and liked the feeling he had left in me…

…another 20-30mins must have passed and I finished my wine.

To be continued… 

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