I Can Dance

I can dance. Dance is just my thing. The best part of my dancing happened in my 20’s when I was a serial clubber.

It all started in Bulgaria when I was a student there. In that culture, it was the custom for girls to dance on chairs, tables, bar tops and on stages with poles in the middle.

As a serial clubber like the rest of my uni, I did all of the above including dancing on the stage with a male striptease group called Maximus. The uni seemed to be the reflection of me. The students studied hard and partied hard. And as hard as we competed with each other (most of them were super smart and on George Soros scholarships as well) in class, on the weekend, we partied hard altogether in our uni-dedicated bar.

After graduation, me and my two closest friends carried our clubber-spirit with us to Mongolia and we hit the dance floor of my favorite disco club almost every Friday and Saturday for non-stop 2 years.

And in below picture, you see a glimple of that scene. I am the one with the red&black flower dress and the other three girls in my circle are my girls. That night, we had gone to a certain party at a new disco club, and the next day, we found this and other shots of us on an Internet forum.


And I was the Dancing Queen at Strings, my favorite restaurant and bar, which was owned by the holding company I worked for. It must have been pretty confusing for the staff who worked there because during the day I would come there for lunch, dressed in serious business clothes; and on the weekend, with her belly-exposing short tank tops, the same person would dance all night as the focal point of the bar…

The bar featured Philippinese live bands and targeted customers over 30 years old. So they played a lot of ABBA. And there wouldn’t be a night without ABBA’sDancing Queen” song and when it did play, all eyes used to be on me. 🙂

Men and women called me the Dancing Queen… I loved my nickname and tried not to disappoint them when the music played. And there was one night that I will never forget…

There was someone in the audience that I danced for. Neither did he know that night I was dancing for him, nor did he know my feelings for him until too late… I was dressed in black tights and short red tank top. I stood on my favorite dance highheels and they carried me around the dance floor like Cinderella’s magic shoes.

Never had I danced that beautifully ever before, nor did I dance that beautifully ever again. I was transformed in those few minutes…


…After 2 years of hard clubbing on the weekend, my body couldn’t take it anymore due to the increasing workload of the weekdays. So I stopped the clubbing scene for some time and resumed it again when I became student again in Hong Kong (this time masters degree).


In Hong Kong, I tried to dance every weekend. Until Linda joined me in Hong Kong, I used to go out with a friend called Lucy.

Lucy wasn’t a very reliable girl, so some nights I would be left alone in the night club. But I always returned home safely.

Then Linda joined me and we had some fun. These pictures of us you see on the left side were taken in our living room right before going out to celebrate my 27th birthday.

And when Linda left to study in Beijing after a few months, I was left with no clubbing company. So I didn’t go out alone. In fact, even after returning to Mongolia, I didn’t go out much due to serious businesswoman life.

But good times came again and I joined Linda in Beijing to study Mandarin Chinese. After having “fasted” for 2 years (I mean me), Linda and I went clubbing every Friday night and by the end of long adventurous nights, this is how we looked. 🙂


But our Beijing clubbing scene didn’t last as long as we wished it to. On Linda’s 23rd birthday, as usual we danced all night at our favorite club XIU. But that night I was poisoned. Someone must have put a drug in my wine glass.

Usually, Linda and I share the last glass of wine of the night, but luckily that night Linda gracefully declined. And thanks to that decline, we both survived.

Sometime during that last glass of red wine, I felt like throwing up. So Linda carried me to the toilet and there my mind was knocked off. I threw up everything I had in my stomach and when I kept throwing up my empty stomach, the cleaning lady brought us some water to drink so that at least I have something to wash off and throw up the poison…

It took me over 2 hours to be able to come up to 90 degree angle and walk. I lied on Linda’s lap in the taxi and suffered from the poison spread throughout my system.

When we left the night club, we just prayed that the “criminals” would have lost patience and left. And luckily they had…

It took me a week to recover and we never went out in Beijing again…

And shortly after I moved away from Beijing. But the terrible incident was deeply registered in my mind, so I never went out dancing in Istanbul as I had read that Istanbul was one of top 3 locations with human organ-trafficing cases. And I went out only twice in Berlin and of course I tried to be careful.

So you see that as much as dancing gives me immense joy, it also brought me a big danger. And I still carry mixed feelings about going out… So I will try to limit my dancing experiences to my dance classes and InterNations dance group get-togethers only.

… and when I dance, I can dance like a Dancing Queen…

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