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I Want Roses

I want roses. I want to receive roses. The roses you see in these pictures are the only flowers I ever received in my life and they both came from secret admirers…

My birthday present

There are 24 roses in the rose bouquet you see on my make-up table. They were delivered to my office on my 24th birthday. First I thought they must have come from the obvious suspect, but as it turns out, they were not… And Linda and I racked our brains trying to figure out who could have sent me the roses…

And after much research, I found out that the bouquet came from a Chilian colleague of one of my cousins. Did I know the man? Hardly… I knew the man only as the colleague of my cousin and one who frequented the night club I used to dance on the weekends.

Well, don’t get me wrong here. I was not a stripper or a show girl. I was simply an enthusiastic clubber. Back in those days, I worked hard and danced hard as well.

And the second bouquet was delivered to my office on my 26th birthday. I must have known who it came from as I have posed for a picture with the present in my hand in front of my office. But in any case it was a big surprise also as we were just friends (meaning me and the sender).

So since then I have been starving, starving for roses and starving for genuine appreciation. Sure, there have been men in my life, but none of them gave me roses…

Have I been so inappreciable or unappreciable, or whatever the proper negation of appreciable is? I don’t think so… But why didn’t anybody else apppreciate me enough?

…I think I made a mistake, a mistake of selling myself cheaper…

You know what I do when I make a mistake?

I correct it. So from now on, my price is high, as high as it should be! 

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