The Fairy Girls in My Life

Today when I went down to the reception desk of my home to have my short stories printed out as a prep for my evening event, Sandra happend to be standing behind the counter. And I was happy to see her. In fact, I am always happy to see her.

I handed out my USB drive to her and waited. And while waiting, I noticed that she was wearing an interesting pair of earrings. Curious, I leaned forward to have a better look and asked Sandra what earrings she was wearing.

Sandra came forward to show me the earrings and then said, “They are the fairytale girl with a magic stick. You know the one that spreads flower powder on people with her magic stick and people learn to fly?” 

When the image of the girl appeared in my vision, I said, “Yes”.

Then Sandra added, “I am wearing them because I am that girl…”774b0d017ce9e274d1d2271f6bb2e187

Sandra’s earrings were beautiful and had the shape of the cute little girl you see on this animation on the right hand side. The wings were made of crystal and they shined beautifully on Sandra’s ears…

And there is another such fairytale girl I know… If you want to see who she is, click here.

These two women share the same spirit, the spirit of touching people’s hearts and being truly there for them in times of needs. And when you have the spirit, it shows on the earrings, the dresses and on anything else that they dress themselves with… So watch for such clues and you will easily recognize other women with the same spirit

…Being the closest person to Linda on many levels, I have been, perhaps, the biggest benefactor of Linda’s magic flower powder. If I was well-dressed in my earlier glorious days, it was due to Linda’s magic. If I had the energy to work long hours, it was due to Linda’s constant care of me both at home and at work.

Did I recognize and appreciate Linda’s spirit? Oh yes I did! In fact I depended on it. I depended on it so much that I must have subconsciously tried to keep her with me whenever and wherever possible.


But unfortunately we’re not siamese twins, that’s why we had to go our separate ways… But the separate way is only physical distance. In spirit, we’re always together. You see that on this blog and you’ll see that on WeChat as well if you have a peek at our mobile phones…

…One day I saw Sandra sitting behind the reception desk, luminous with bright smiles. Her heart seemed to be singing. I asked her the luxuryspagiftset_thumbsource of her “music” and she showed me the beautifully-wrapped spa set in front of her and said, “A friend of mine gave it to me as a present and he said that it’s because I am always nice to him…”

So that was the short story of the two fairies in my life and I can’t finish this story without saying that I am becoming one also. …Well, to be more accurate, earlier I used to spread my magic flower powder only over those who are deserving; but now that I have the access to an endless supply of such powder, I have began to spread it over just about anybody who is ready for magic.

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