Daddy, I Know Your Nickname

I would like to share the SWEETEST thing I have read on Quora. Chris Lynam answers to the question “What is the loveliest thing a child has ever said to you?”:

“My youngest, Violet (3), leans in and whispers, “Daddy, I know your nickname.” You know, the way kids whisper when they don’t need to but how parents should play along.

I’m putting on my make-believe Dad hat and whisper back.

Me: “What’s my nickname?”

She looks around like it’s a secret password and says, “It’s Chris.  Your nickname is Chris.”

I’m shocked. I had a tough enough time hearing my girls call me “Dad” instead of “Daddy”, but calling me by my “Name-name” is on another level.

Me: “Where did you hear that?”

Violet:  “At the dancing studio.  They all call you Chris Lynam.”

Me: “Really?”

Violet:  “Yeah.  And I have a nickname too.  It’s Violet Lynam. We have the same nickname Daddy. It’s just like yours”

My heart melts…”


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