Baira in One Life

In my previous life I have been Anne Frank. The young Jewish girl who was born in Frankfurt, but got into hiding during World War Two to avoid the Nazis together with his family and 4 others. After almost two years in hiding, the group was discovered, deported to concentration camp and shortly after got killed.

And in the English version of the movie, she swears never ever to become a German. Hence, reborn in Mongolia. Those who know me will recognize me when they watch the movie. And in this life, she was born to live all those desires she couldn’t materialize. So here I am doing all that she had aspired for.

How do I know it? Sunday night a magic dream told me to watch a movie of a female person with double lives on the 21st. So, among the CineStar listings, I found a movie that appealed to me and watched the German version of “The Diary of Anne Frankt”. And there I was…

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