The Life of Cinderella

I am a Cinderella. But not the classical Cinderella that you know. And in fact, you need a very open mind if you want to hear my story…

I am a Cinderella, living, breathing, walking Cinderella. I walk in the streets of Frankfurt and live in a tall building. The tall building is not the eventual “castle” I will live, but one that I am residing in until my “castle” is built.

My “castle” is under construction right now. I look at it every day through the window of my tall building. The construction has twin cranes, beautiful twin cranes. I just watch the twin cranes and I just watch them. In fact, right now I am sitting on the bed of my tall building and watching the twin cranes move around as I type this story. 

And I am a Cinderella with magic. Magic, magic, magic… that’s a beautiful word and a beautiful thing to experience… And I discovered my magic just recently… Like last week or so…

You know what my life was like before I discovered my magic? It was arduous, gloomy and some people didn’t respect me right. I mean respect me right, not treat me right. Some people didn’t respect me right and it was wrong! It was so wrong!

Some people didn’t respect me right because they didn’t know who I was. They didn’t know who I was because they had seen only limited facets of me…

And I have many facets… In fact like a Diamond ballcolorful crystal. Depending on where a person is standing or which side I choose to show, that person sees only a limited facet of me. But if that person walks around or if I choose to rotate around, s/he will see a multi-faceted crystal with full range of changing colors. And when they don’t see that, they don’t respect me right.

But it’s not their fault or my fault that they saw only a limited facet of me. In fact it’s NO ONE’S FAULT because events, circumstances and locations largely determine which side the crystal moves and what color combinations emanate from it.

For instance, when I lived in Istanbul, I just couldn’t shine. I couldn’t shine because some people and circumstances just overshadowed me. And there was NO LIGHT! … ok no exaggerration… I mean not enough light. And a crystal needs a full light to shine, you know. But there was only one ray of light. One ray of light that made me shine at all…

And that one ray of light came from my boss. Well, I call him my boss because he was the co-owner of the company and one that I looked up to. But there were other small people, who wanted to become bosses. But no chance, not in this life, at least not until they detox their whole being.

But unfortunately, my boss was the head of the family with those small people. And I was the stepdaughter. And just like in the classical Cinderella story, there was the bad mother and two evil daughters. Well, the mother wasn’t that bad… To me, she was just a strange woman, one that I tried to avoid. I should give credit where it is due… and she never tried to harm me. I think that much of her strangeness came from the spell she was under from the elder evil daughter.

The elder evil daugther was just so evil. Never have I seen such an evil person. Never will such an evil person ever exist again. She just poisoned and killed everybody around her. Including the younger evil sister, with whom she would plot together to poison and kill me.

But I survived many deaths because of my good boss. I survived because he could manage to move me to a safer place, one where the elder evil sister cannot put poison in my food every day… Well, let’s cut this ugly story short because it’s just so negative and I have no place for that in my new life.

Just to wrap up that story, after I was helped to move to a safer place, my good boss and I arranged to make a peaceful parting because that was the best for all. The elder evil sister still keeps the family under her spell and I don’t know how that story will unfold. And I don’t really care to know because I have discovered that I am a Cinderella with magic and my life will never be the same again…

In my new life, people will respect me right. Everyone will respect me right because I will be shining my full range of colors and dancing around. When I dance around, you have no choice but to see all facets of me.


And I will be shining my full range of colors because I am living at the right place, at the right time, under the right circumstances. That’s why.

And I have discovered my magic you know… What is it like to live with magic? …Well, it’s magical. I can FEEL, SENSE and just KNOW things. And things, people and circumstances materialize in my life just at the right time. It’s like walking in a beautiful forest with a basket in my hand, picking up beautiful fruits that are waiting for me to pick them up. In other words, they are just there as I walk along…

And I have more magic dreams. Way more than before… Like tonight, I had two separate magic dreams… And the magic dreams give me messages that lead me to more magic experiences…

And I am happy, I am joyful, I am playful and there is not a thing to worry in the world because everything just takes care of itself for me. And I deserve to have it all and experience all the beautiful things this life has to offer BECAUSE until I discovered my magic, I have struggled and suffered a lot.

And because of my magic, I can do many things. Many things that I care to do. And I do them beautifully. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… So beautiful like this story… See? I can write. I can write like I have never imagined possible for me.

And I can read people’s souls and I can feel who is ready for me. Ready meaning I can detect those who are ready to be changed or transformed by the magic I can do for them.

And I do the magic secretly. Secretly meaning by the time I finish doing my magic for them, those people change and transform for the better. Slowly they change and transform, but they don’t know what is changing them or how they are being changed. Just like a frog doesn’t feel a rising temperature in water, those people don’t notice their changes and transformations. And that’s the beauty of the magic.

And do you know how I do the magic for them? First I plant a seed of magic in them. Then I water it, then I watch it grow. Then I come around and water it again when the plant needs it. And at some point, the plant grows just by itself. And that’s really beautiful.

And there are so many other things I can do. But that will make this story way too long. So I will stop it here and pick it up later.

Also bis dann! (Literally meaning “So until later!” in German)

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