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Don’t Get Out of Bed Until…

Don’t get out of bed until you have TASTED JOY! Do WHATEVER gives you joy before you get out of bed. Check your Facebook in bed if that’s what gives you joy. Eat a dessert in bed if that’s what gives you joy. Have sex in bed if that’s what gives you joy. Do WHATEVER gives you joy, just don’t get out of bed without a FEELING OF JOY. And the rest of the day, that joy will spill over into everything else you do…And before you know it, MAGIC will start happening in your life. Do it enough and you will know what I mean.   

Fortune-Teller-fortune-teller-zodiac-sign-smiley-emoticon-000545-largeStart your mornings by listening to below affirmation and things will always work out for you. There is no other way.


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  1. Look at the date appearing on the English morning song.

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