InterNations Let’s Golf 20.03.16

This morning I had every reason not to go to the March Golf get-together of InterNations’ Golf club. When I woke up, I still had a light fever and my lower back felt sore due to the physiotherapy treatment I am receiving for my injury. But I really wanted to go there, so I went.

On the way there, luck has it that I rode one station too far on the tram No.11. And when I managed to make my way back to the Willy-Brandt Platz for the U Bahn and finally get to the driving range, I was nicely 50mins late.

And the time planned for the group on the driving range was only 90mins. So based on above-mentioned small troubles, I decided not to get a ball basket and hit the balls. Instead, I chose to enjoy the nice Sunday breakfast with my InterNations Golf group members.


And as you see on this picture, we all got to enjoy nice and warm breakfasts. And what was even nicer and warmer was the atmosphere at the table. It felt like we were seated around a campfire and just enjoying ourselves.

People near campfire in forest.
Group of backpackers relaxing near campfire after a hard day, tourist background.

We got to talk about a lot of interesting subjects. The ones I was interested in were cool-cars-related. To recall the intensity of the discussion, it is hard to believe that only two hours ago, most of these people were total strangers to one another. But that’s the magic of InterNations.

And that morning, from one of the male members, I overheard one of the best phrases I have ever heard in my life. And that is “I am sweet like a chocolate and hard like a diamond”.

And the nice get-together ended for me when the owner of the nice phrase dropped me at my home with his cool car.

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