The Ambassador Set 18.03.16

Sometimes there are places where you know you just belong and for me such places are InterNations and Frankfurt.

Recently, I had a chance to relocate to Abu Dhabi for a potentially enriching career in monetary terms, but I couldn’t do it because I love the beautiful lifestyle I have built here in Frankfurt.

What is my beautiful lifestyle?

Well, many things. Many things that I had longed to do for a long time… I dance, I go to fitness, I am a member of an amazing public speaking club and I am an Ambassador at InterNations Frankfurt Newcomers’ community.

Which activity do I like the most? 

Well, I like them all equally and intensely. But InterNations is very unique in that it offers wide variety of opportunities through its various networking events and group activities. What’s amazing is that the moment you show up at an InterNations event, your friendship circle suddenly expands.

Why do I call it a friendship circle?

Well, because even if you approach a complete stranger at an InterNations event, there is a certain level of trust and feeling of belonging between the two of you. And because such feelings usually come with certain degree of friendship, I am calling it a friendship circle.

And finally, I am so glad that I became an Ambassador in this great community and proud to be representing it. And because I love my role so much, I take it seriously and with much respect. And I am gonna show my love for it in many ways, including my accessories. Hence, in the head picture above and the Youtube video below, I am showing you the set of accessories I will be wearing at my very first Newcomers’ event in a couple of days.

With love,


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