The Brave Hearts


In these pictures, you see people who faced their fears and chose to rise up to leadership positions and contestant roles at the Business Club Frankfurt Toastmasters. Tonight there were 8 speeches and 5 contestants, and that means 3 of the men were extra brave.


Klaus participated the contests to make the best of his “being” in the club and he won the 2nd positions in both Contest Speech and Evaluation Speech. I loved the story of his speech, which reminded me of Og Mandino‘s story “Mission Success” in his book called “The Anthropology of Achievement”The stories were similar in that two young men, obliged to serve their countries, met and were mentored by wise elder ladies, who generously offered their guidance and inspiration, and forever changed the young men’s lives for the better.

As a feedback, I highly recommend Klaus to listen to the audio version of Og Mandino‘s that story (which I hyperlinked in the book name above) and get fresh ideas to enhance the content and delivery of his already great speech and win the next rounds of contests all the way up to the World Championship.

(To share a little secret, that story “Mission Success” was the first audio story ever that got me running tears almost to the extent of sobbing.)


superman_fly_animation_by_deemonproductionsMartin won the 1st place in both contests, and I would have been surprised if he didn’t. He is my Club Idol and I wish him success all the way up to the World Championship. 





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