My Favorite Crane

The crane you see so close to my window is my favorite crane in Frankfurt. Every morning, I have my breakfast facing the window, and one morning, about a month ago, this crane was standing there, looking at me. And that’s how I got to know this crane. At first I didn’t think much of its presence, but after days of seeing it as the first animated figure to greet me, I am slowly starting to fall for it…

And do you see the other cranes in the distance? Before this favorite crane next to my window, the two red cranes by the big construction site in the middle of the picture used to be my twin-favorites. Sometimes I just sit and watch them lifting huge objects and dropping by a construction worker or two. Then I continue watching what the worker does with the huge object…

Why do I enjoy watching the cranes? I don’t really know… Perhaps the part of me that had taken me to real estate development business enjoys it. Or perhaps the part of me who wanted to become a Civil Engineer enjoys that. But it’s all good. This life is all about playing the game of business, which has been my dominant passion. And in one life I will become a Civil Engineer and instruct the operators of beautiful cranes.



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