Butt Lift – Day 12 of 30

This morning I woke up with my body feeling fluid. What’s the reason? It’s because I am trying to work out 30-45min every morning with a daily dose of 30-Day Butt Lift fun with BeFit.

What’s the secret? I think it is not eating close to bedtime. I have heard many fitness trainers say “Ab is made in the kitchen. It’s 20% workout and 80% what you eat.” But to me that has not been the case.

My case has been that every time I eat within 2 hours of bedtime, the next morning I get up with a nice round belly. No matter how much I workout and how low-calory I eat, as long as I sleep without digesting the food throughout the whole body, my body cuts corner by adding all the food to my belly. So because I ate early (6:30pm) and slept late (2am+), this morning I woke up with a gorgeously slim, fluid midsection and then I hit the matt with below butt lift workout and more.


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