Trauma to Optimism to Happiness

Here I would like to share my favorite three contest speeches from the Esprit de Corps Toasmasters Frankfurt club that took place on the 14th of March. To me, the three ladies who delivered below speeches are Angels with Messages, who were there to show us how to move from personal trauma to optimism and from optimism to eternal happiness.

The combined speeches of Rhea and Raehyun help us understand that it is not what happens to us in life that determines us, but what we choose to see and believe in that circumstance that defines us going forward. And the comined speeches of Raehyun and Neha make us see that it is the power of positive thoughts and eyes that open the door to eternal happiness.  

If I look at myself and ask where I am on the progression, thanks to everyone and everything that have been in or come into my life in the past 6 months, I have started my journey towards eternal happiness.

Coming back to the speeches, as a fellow Toastmaster, I believe I am expected to give a feedback for improvement. In terms of delivery and content, I am in awe of the ladies who are way far ahead of me on the Toastmasters journey. However, speaking to the ladies directly, “as a positive thinker emotionally invested in your Angel messages, I am just curious to know what caused the mental shift that moved you up the progression.”

Finally, you don’t believe that the ladies are Angels? Look at the repeated letters in their names–Rhea, Raehyun and Neha. “H”, “E” and “A” letters are repeated in all three names. So doesn’t that suggest “HEAVEN”? I think it does and I think that’s where they come from. 🙂





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