Visit to Esprit De Corps Toastmasters Frankfurt – 14.03.16

Today I visited the Esprit de Corps Toastmasters Frankfurt club for two purposes. First, to cheerlead Rhea Wessel (my new friend from InterNations expats community) and listen to her amazing story once again. And second, to see what to expect for an Evaluation Contest as I will be contesting at the Evaluation Contest in 3 days at my own club–Business Club Frankfurt Toastmasters.

It has been barely over a month since I joined the Toastmasters and haven’t even managed to give my first official speech, yet I am contesting in 3 days. When my club leaders asked for volunteers for the contest, I raised my hand, mainly seeing it as a chance to step out of my comfort zone. Hence I have no ambition of winning this time, so there is no stress at my end. 

When I walked into this club, I was pleasantly surprised to see Ben P. there. He is the Vice President of Education at my club and happens to be a member of the Esprit de Corps club as well.

And guess who won the Speech Contest and the Evaluation Contest? 

Ben did. Ben won both contests. 

As always, every speaker’s speech was very good. But to me, Ben’s speech “One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind” stood out in that he took us through the time and space, getting Neil Armstrong land on the moon and Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climb on Mount Everest. Also he helped the audience feel the magnitude of his message by making comparisons between the population of Facebook and China, and the market value of Apple and the GDP of Sweden. So in essense, there was a mind-expanding, immense dimension in Ben’s speech. 

As Ben’s contest-winning speech is to go up the higher levels of contests at Toastmasters, I cannot share the video here. However, I think his Evaluation Speech below is a safe one to present and let you learn from his great example.




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